Month: October 2015


No rest for the weary I guess. Inspiration doesn’t wait for someone to be ready. I was planning on taking some time off from writing after Damnation got published, but it doesn’t look like that is going to happen. A new idea popped into my head that quickly gaining traction and before I knew it, I had almost a full novel written in the … Read More ANNOUNCEMENT!!! NEW BOOK IN THE WORKS!!!


Bringing History to Life

Hi Jim, Congrats on the new Novel! So I was wondering about historical characters. You mentioned that much of your work is historical fiction and I’m currently working on a story like that myself. I was wondering what difficulties you faced, if any, when you used a historical figure as a character in your writing? Many thanks, Liam. Hi Liam, Great question, and honestly … Read More Bringing History to Life

Meaningful Quote…

“Apparently someone asked Raymond Chandler once what he thought about Hollywood ruining all of his books. And he took them to his study and pointed up to the shelf where they all were and he said, ‘Look, they’re there. They’re fine. They’re okay.’ That’s the attitude I have to take. The film hasn’t ruined my book.” -Alan Moore


Divinity By James Harrington

Originally posted on Eric's blog:
  I came across the author’s blog a while back he seemed a very nice chap and I liked what he had to say so I thought I would give his book a go. It’s the story of the Junior Angel Adalyn who accuses her mentor Azrael of being a traitor and plotting against god. She isn’t believed…

Review of Inspiration

So… The Endless Forms Most Beautiful… I usually don’t do reviews… unless something really annoys me and I need to vent, but this album left me a little vexed. I love Nightwish. They’ve been around forever, they put on an AMAZING show, and they have a huge body of work that includes serious music as well as lighthearted stuff. ‘Dark Chest of Wonders’ is … Read More Review of Inspiration


Grammar in Dialogue?

Hi Jim, I’ve been working on my story for a while and it takes me through a lot of dialogue along the way. I’m trying to write a modern story with slang and lingo that people today understand. However my spellcheck picks it up and gives me the ‘correct’ recommendations. I don’t want my writing to sound unprofessional, but I don’t want my characters … Read More Grammar in Dialogue?