Day: November 2, 2015


Writing’s Most Difficult Aspect

“I’m curious, but what have you found one of the most difficult things that comes with writing?” -Steven Capps Hi Steven, There are a lot of hurdles to overcome in writing… a lot. This is just me personally, but the hardest thing for writing is finding the time to write and then pulling myself away from the keyboard when I need to. It is … Read More Writing’s Most Difficult Aspect


Good Story Writing Inadvertently Reveals Incompetence

Sometimes, really good story-telling can backfire… BADLY! The perfect example of this is on Law & Order SVU… Honestly I dislike this show. I know it’s popular, but honestly it’s barely a cheap dime store replacement for the original and for many reasons. Most notably in my case, the characters (except Munch) are NOT likable. They are grossly incompetent, way over emotional for their … Read More Good Story Writing Inadvertently Reveals Incompetence