Month: October 2019


In Memory of Hanna Hymel (Raiya)

It is with a sad and heavy heart that I announce that Hanna Hymel, the model most of you readers knew as Raiya from one of my books, has unfortunately passed away. She was tragically struck by a train on Tuesday 10/8 of this past week. I personally did not know Hanna very well, admittedly. Outside of her work for me, we only ever … Read More In Memory of Hanna Hymel (Raiya)

Book review: An Empire of Ashes (Drakin #3)

Originally posted on Tomas – the wandering dreamer:
The first book in this loosely-connected series was my first touch of Sci-Fi/Fantasy mix. The second book followed a new set of characters and an old enemy. This one takes place 200 years later, with (almost) all-new cast. The first book started like an alien invasion. The second one with a mad scientist and soldier suffering…