If you don’t mind another potential spoiler question… Maybe I missed something but when Nayeli was brought to the camp and the scanner said she’s a dragon, they tried to force her into dragon form but to no avail… was there any explanation of how she was able to stay in human form?


Sigh… that’s the problem with writing sci-fi fantasy… the geeks and nerds you attract will pick apart EVERYTHING! This is why I’d never write for Star Wars!

Just kidding!!! I actually love these kinds of questions!

So it’s a good question too and you may be disappointed by my response. My original idea for Nayeli was that she didn’t actually know she was dragon. I was planning to write around her being a dragon who had cloaked herself in human form and then experienced a traumatic event where her mind simply blocked out everything as a defense mechanism against a drakean form of PTSD. In essence, no one knows she’s a dragon, not the audience, not her lover, not even her. She’d eventually find out when she got to the camp and was found out. I wrote that scene accordingly.

However… that caused too many problems and plot holes, so I abandoned it. This left me with a bit of a problem. I still wanted her reveal to come as a shock to everyone when it was finally revealed, so I had to alter a few things. The problem is that now I had to figure out a way around her true identity being discovered by the Empire.

I had several ideas on how to do this, but couldn’t decide on one, so I decided to try to leave it up to the reader to figure this one out. It could have been an evolutionary defense mechanism in that, given that Nayei is a late Gen 5 or 6 dragon, she has some defense against being forced to change back. Another idea I had was that her mind was simply powerful enough to overcome it or the serum just wasn’t perfect. In the end, I dropped a few hints into the story where I suggested that Nayeli was an advanced mind that could effortlessly go from dragon to human form and stay there without any effort or strain, thus such a serum wouldn’t affect her.

So that may not be the answer you’d like, but in the end, I took some creative license to keep the story from going off the rails. Thanks for the question!!




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