Day: December 26, 2019

From My Writing Playlist

Got a request to recommend a good ‘rock opera’ song. Really it doesn’t get any better than Avantasia and in particular this song! The Great Mystery has everything; chorus, amazing instrumentals, guest performance by metal legend Bob Catley from Magnum… oh yeah! This has to be on my list! When to listen:  I’ll give you a hint, skip to 9:19. Then picture your favorite Disney … Read More From My Writing Playlist


Magnifica: Dark Redemption (Chapter 4)

THIS POST HAS SPOILERS, IF YOU PLAN ON READING MAGNIFICA, PLEASE SKIP!!! Apparently I have some speed readers on my hand, because as of late, I’ve been getting emails regarding a certain plot point that comes at the end of Tears of the Fallen: So if you don’t already know… last chance for spoilers… yes, […]