Day: February 26, 2020

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  This beautiful power ballad brings a tear to my eye every time. It has everything an 80s hair metal band would have and more. Definitely one of the band’s stronger songs. When to Listen:¬†Eh… I mean there are two places I suppose you could. One could make the argument that this could be a […]


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With the introduction of the High Republic Era in the Star Wars universe, we are introduced to a new cast of villains to the franchise: the Nihils! The Nihils are a band of raiders, marauders, pillagers, reavers, and plunderers who came from the outskirts of the known galaxy. The Lucasfilm Story Group refer to them as…


From my Sketchbook #Art #Animation #Anime #Doodling

So to be honest, writing isn’t the only thing I do. Aside from writing stories, I’m also a guitar player, IT/IS whiz (professionally speaking), father of three, trivia jockey, amateur historian, and artist. (You should see my resume!) I tell a lot of writers not to work on their stories when they’re stressed out or agitated. Usually the result isn’t all that great. So … Read More From my Sketchbook #Art #Animation #Anime #Doodling


Drakeas Dragons. Who are they? PT2 #Fantasy #Dragons #Writing #SciFi

Hi Jim, I was wondering if you could expand on your description of the dragons in your story. You don’t really go into much of their culture or identity during the books, choosing more to focus on the war and humanity’s struggle to survive and then to share the planet. I was wondering if you could explain why you went that route and maybe … Read More Drakeas Dragons. Who are they? PT2 #Fantasy #Dragons #Writing #SciFi


Drakin, The Orphans of Haven, Sample Chapter #Writing #Fantasy #SciFi

Drakin: The Orphans of Haven Book Synopsis: The Red War may be over, but not all wounds have healed. For Sergeant Radley Zall, the nightmares never end. After years of struggling for survival, he finds himself in a dead end job, deporting wayward dragons to the Exclusion Zone. The horrors of his past have left him a broken man, slowing killing himself in a … Read More Drakin, The Orphans of Haven, Sample Chapter #Writing #Fantasy #SciFi