Day: July 1, 2020

From My Writing Playlist

So… battle beast is a very 80s style of Metal, though you might not be able to tell from this song. Their lead singer is… something else. When to listen: This is a conflict song. I use it when writing a fight or argument between two characters. Readers, Do you have a question about writing, publishing, my stories, etc? Please feel free to post … Read More From My Writing Playlist


Character Development #Writing #Author #Advice

Hi Jim, I’m trying to come up with characters for my book. I was hoping you could maybe provide a little insight into how you came up with yours. I specifically liked Xaphine, could you use her as an example? Thanks, Rich. Hi Rich, General Xaphine seems to be a recurrent theme in character discussions… perhaps I should write her into another story. You … Read More Character Development #Writing #Author #Advice


Drakin, The Orphans of Haven, Sample Chapter #Writing #Fantasy #SciFi

Drakin: The Orphans of Haven Book Synopsis: The Red War may be over, but not all wounds have healed. For Sergeant Radley Zall, the nightmares never end. After years of struggling for survival, he finds himself in a dead end job, deporting wayward dragons to the Exclusion Zone. The horrors of his past have left him a broken man, slowing killing himself in a … Read More Drakin, The Orphans of Haven, Sample Chapter #Writing #Fantasy #SciFi