Day: July 3, 2020

From One Universe To Another… #Writing #Author #Advice

  Hi Jim, I’ve been writing for a very long time, but I need some advice. I’ve mostly worked on children’s books, but recently have started writing adult fiction. I want to use one of my characters from my children’s books in an adult setting, but I’m worried about how my audience will react to it. Some of my readers have grown up with … Read More From One Universe To Another… #Writing #Author #Advice

From My Writing Playlist

I love Beast in Black. I’ve been following them since their first album and Yanis for longer than that. Highly recommend this band. When to Listen:   General playlist. This song has a ton of adrenaline-inducing power to it and keeps me motivated to write.v Readers, Do you have a question about writing, publishing, my stories, etc? Please feel free to post a comment or … Read More From My Writing Playlist


The Ins and Outs of Publishing, A Directory of Advice. #Writing #Author #Advice

Okay, so it looks like I’m still getting a lot of publishing questions. These are recurrent questions I get on a regular basis, and while I want to try to respond to everyone who reaches out to me, I don’t want my blog becoming redundant. So I think I’m going to repost this on a weekly basis from now on to help people navigate … Read More The Ins and Outs of Publishing, A Directory of Advice. #Writing #Author #Advice