Day: July 13, 2020


Audience/Reader Sensitivity

Hi Jim, I have a problem I was hoping you could help me with a rather… sensitive issue. I’ve written a book that deals with a lot of cultural issues. I’ve gone to great lengths to keep my writing as inoffensive as possible, as I want people from all walks of life to be able to read it, enjoy it, and maybe find themselves … Read More Audience/Reader Sensitivity

From My Writing Playlist #Writing #Author #Advice

  Oh hell yeah! This song, especially the beginning, is a battle song. No doubt about it. When the choir starts their harmony right at the beginning, close your eyes and picture too massive medieval armies lining up on either sides of a war torn battlefield. They stair each other down as the rain falls around them and lighting breaks the skies above. Readers, … Read More From My Writing Playlist #Writing #Author #Advice


Drakin, where to buy, and what’s next? #Writing #Fantasy #SciFi

Hello all! I hope everyone has enjoyed The Drakin Series!! Please don’t forget to leave me a review on Amazon once you’re done. That really helps me out a lot. Copies of these books, as well as my others, can be purchased on Amazon by following this link: James Harrington’s Author Page They’re also available at Barnes and Noble, as well as many other … Read More Drakin, where to buy, and what’s next? #Writing #Fantasy #SciFi