Day: September 26, 2020

Author’s Advice Pt. 8

How difficult is it? Heh, unbelievably if you go the traditional route! Even if you go the indie route, it’s difficult… Okay, that’s the short -literal- answer. Here’s the real one: So you’ve got an idea in your head. You’ve got a story you want to write, now you want to write it and get it published… awesome! So how do you do it? … Read More Author’s Advice Pt. 8

From My Writing Playlist

Not metal, but given where most of our music comes from, metalheads should appreciate this. This song is extremely old and has a lot of history to it. It is hauntingly beautiful and relaxing. Everything sounds better in Swiss. When to listen: Honestly, I use it when brainstorming or when relaxing between writing sessions. It really is a song that can be used in multiple … Read More From My Writing Playlist