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  • Talking to Myself and Writing It #Writing #Author #Advice

    Hi Jim, I’m having a horrible time trying to come up with a theme for my story! I’m trying to map everything out before I write. I was wondering if you had any advice? What themes do you like? Thanks, Lawrence Hi Lawrence, Well I’d honestly say to start writing. If you have ideas, make […]

  • From My Writing Playlist #Writing #Author #Advice

      This beautiful power ballad brings a tear to my eye every time. It has everything an 80s hair metal band would have and more. Definitely one of the band’s stronger songs. When to Listen: Eh… I mean there are two places I suppose you could. One could make the argument that this could be a […]

  • A Better Blogger #Writing #Author #Advice
    Can you give some advices about how to get traffic towards your blog? How do you get so many followers on this app? By the way, your posts are really good😊! –Simmone Hi Simmone, Great question. The best way to think about WordPress, or any other blogging page is to think about it as a community. The more you put in, the more you’ll … Read More A Better Blogger #Writing #Author #Advice


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