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The Last Enchanter

James Harrington’s Magnifca crosses fantasy with reality, bringing mythological creatures like elves, sorcerers, and dwarves into the modern day world.

Available in Kindle and softcover formats.


Giovanni was a poor fisherman living in 16th Century Venice. His entire family had been lost to the white plague. He suffered through their deaths only to discover that he too was infected with it. He is now alone and questioning his faith.
The angel, Adalyn, was a hero of the Celestial War against Lucifer. All knew and admired her until she uncovered a plot to overthrow the Most High. In an attempted cover up, Adalyn is betrayed and cast out of Heaven. She is sent to the mortal world to face torture and death at the hands of the creatures she most fears: humans.
Their worlds become intertwined when, by chance, Giovanni rescues her while out fishing. Injured and blind as the result of her expulsion, Adalyn has little choice but to rely on this primitive creature for protection against the Church, Lucifer, and God’s own decree if she is to expose the true traitor and save all of existence.

Available in Kindle, hardcover, and softcover formats.

Story of Raiya

“Abomination, freak, monster…” You get used to names like these when you have yellow eyes, horns, and scales, but Raiya could have really cared less.
After being forced into exile because of her appearance, Raiya’s mind has been focused on one goal; hunting down the dragon lord that killed her parents. For over thirty years, humanity has been locked in a struggle for survival against a race of dragons that had fallen from the heavens. They took everything from her and consumed the planet in a fierce war. Humanity’s numbers are quickly dwindling, leaving her few options in the way of allies.
What she doesn’t know is that her journey will strike at the very heart of the Red War and uncover truths about her past that she may not want to know. Can she finish what she started while coming to terms with the truths of her origin?

Available in Kindle, hardcover, and softcover formats.

Tears of the Fallen

The continuation of the story of Lia’na, Toby, and their friends.
With the primary nemesis dead and an ancient cult leaderless, a new but familiar evil comes forward to take control.
This story takes a very dark path and leads the characters on a quest that puts the entire world at stake.

Available in Kindle and softcover formats.


General Xaphan, after being expelled, aids Lucifer in the reconstruction of his armies in his newly founded underworld kingdom. However, unknown even to Xaphan, Lucifer has concocted another plot to return to Celestial World… by means of attacking the Most High’s children in the Mortal Realm.
To safeguard his powers and collect information on the human race, Lucifer strips Xaphan of her identity, memories, and wings, and sends her to live on Earth. Unfortunately for Xaphan, she is dropped in the middle of a fierce war between the Papal States and the armies of Emperor Charles V.
It is during this time that she befriends a young soldier in the Papal army, a Florentine named Piero Lorenzi.
With little help from anyone, and almost no chance of success, Piero sets out on a journey to save her, not only from Lucifer’s forces, but from herself. Time is of the essence as the imperial armies creep towards the borders of Florence.

Available in Kindle, hardcover, and softcover formats.

The Orphans of Haven

The Red War may be over, but not all wounds have healed. For Sergeant Radley Zall, the nightmares never end. After years of struggling for survival, he finds himself in a dead end job, deporting wayward dragons to the Exclusion Zone. The horrors of his past have left him a broken man, slowing killing himself in a bottle of whiskey. It’s a wearying existence that many former soldiers have been subjected to since the war ended, but for Radley, that is all about to change. Throughout his life, Radley’s hatred of dragons has been unmatched until one evening when a small one shows up on his doorstep. The pathetic creature is emaciated and begging for shelter. Her appearance reminds him of his younger self, compelling him to help her.That uncharacteristic decision forces him to confront his past actions— some of which may have contributed to a sinister plot to reignite the Red War and wipe out the few remaining dragons on Earth.

Available in Kindle, hardcover, and softcover formats.

Magnifica: Gravestalker

The final chapter in the story of the last enchanter and his friends.
Toby and his friends have been through tragedy and hardship, but are now presented with the chance to set everything right. There is a lot of risk in what they are about to attempt, but if they succeed, everything may be set right again.

Available in Kindle and softcover formats.

Soul Siphon

A starved child, an assassinated soviet soldier, a woman abandoned on the streets of Hong Kong, a victim of history’s most mysterious killer, and a young man who never asked to be thrown into the middle of a spiritual war.
An unlikely group, with one thing in common; death. Each with powers that reflect the way they died. Corban found himself thrust into the fray with this group of anti-heroes. Cursed with unstable powers stemming from a fatal demonic possession, Corban must unravel the mystery behind his death.

Available in Kindle and softcover formats.

An Empire of Ashes

Two hundred years have passed, and the Red War has become a distant memory for most. Dragons and humans now live together in peace… but one powerful woman who has been deranged by history unleashes her vengeance on a helpless population. Now, the world’s only hope for survival rests with Kaori, a naïve and wayward princess of the Eastern Empire. Having been disillusioned with her mother’s rule, she soon discovers a dark secret about her family that will change the course of history forever. She soon crosses paths with Nayeli and Joaquim, a pair of rogues living within her borders. Their fight for survival takes an unexpected turn as a shadow of from the past reveals that the situation is more dangerous than they know. The fate of billions of lives rests on these three unlikely companions putting aside their differences to stand against the world.

Available in Kindle, hardcover, and softcover formats.

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