How Ed Harris Simultaneously Saved and Ruined “The Rock” #Review #Opinion #Movies

Ed Harris is really an under appreciated actor. I grew up watching this man give a thunderous performance in almost every role he was in. Everything from The Abyss, to Milk Money (yeah I said it), to Apollo 13, to The Rock, all the way to National Treasure 2. The Rock stands out as probably … Read More How Ed Harris Simultaneously Saved and Ruined “The Rock” #Review #Opinion #Movies

Destiny: Divinity’s Finale, Book 2, Chapter 6

VI   Melchior was true to his word. The crew returned within a few hours. Together, they loaded all the supplies that they’d need to make repairs to the Specter during their voyage. When the sun finally began to set on the horizon, Baltazar turned to Melchior, “Order all hands on board, ready the ship […]


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