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Author Advice Pt. 5

One thing I’ve had to continuously tell myself over and over again is not to write with a bad attitude. I’m not kidding, if it’s time for you to write and you’re mad, annoyed, or just upset about something it’s not a good time to strike the keys. Stop, put the laptop down, and go do something else. The problem with writing while angry … Read More Author Advice Pt. 5


Author Advice Pt 4

Rules of grammar and spelling… I have a feeling that this one will get me a few rolled eyes, but we all remember or… partially recall studying where to place comma’s, how to punctuate, and how to spell. This is all stuff we know. However, are those rules solid? Must they always be followed? Absolutely not! You’re going to find in your writing that, … Read More Author Advice Pt 4

Author Advice Pt. 3

Rewrites are our friends. I know, it’s hard. You’ve just spent days, if not weeks getting your story down on a piece of paper or into a Word file. You’ve worked hard on it, but something just isn’t right. It doesn’t flow and no matter how many times you change things in the story, it still doesn’t work. Now you’re thinking, maybe I should … Read More Author Advice Pt. 3

Societal Acceptance of Bronies???

Well… I guess being a fantasy writer, this was going to come up eventually. As someone who goes to comic con almost every year, I’m no stranger to seeing grown men carrying MLP stuff around, or perusing MLP artwork tables. Being someone who TRIES not to judge people, I assumed they were buying the items for their daughters and shrugged them off. However, over … Read More Societal Acceptance of Bronies???

No Permanent Death in Fantasy

This is something that has been irking me for some time now. It’s a recurrent theme in most fantasy fiction, in stories, comics, and in movies. No matter what happens in a fantasy universe, there is always a way to bring a character back. No matter what. If the character is popular, there will always be an incantation, or special portal, or some sort … Read More No Permanent Death in Fantasy

Soul Siphon Update!

Ugh! It’s so difficult to keep up on my blog while working on my book. I’m not even kidding! That said… we do have an update! First off, I’d like to give a special shout out to a truly skilled writer that has taken on the dubious task of editing my book, you all know him as Eric, or Eric79. Eric has been a … Read More Soul Siphon Update!

Cinderella 2015

So… my wife rented this last night and then fell asleep. So I continued watching it alone. I don’t usually do movie reviews, but since this is a fairly recent fantasy film that has gotten a lot of praise… and I mean a LOT, I thought I’d give my take on it. I tend to shy away from remakes, which let’s face it, that’s what … Read More Cinderella 2015


The Disney Effect…

You know… I’m starting to understand the gripe everyone has with Disney’s… bastardization of children’s literature. Initially, whenever someone griped over the princesses or the cheesy love at first sight stories, I kind of just rolled my eyes. Come on, they were harmless children’s stories, right? Well… Yesterday, we put on Mickey and the Beanstalk for Gabe and… well let’s just say it’s a … Read More The Disney Effect…

All Things Must End

“It is always important to know when something has reached its end. Closing circles, shutting doors, finishing chapters, it doesn’t matter what we call it; what matters is to leave in the past those moments in life that are over.” ― Paulo Coelho, The Zahir How long can you continue a story before it has to come to an end? It’s a tough question … Read More All Things Must End


Author’s Advice Pt. 11

Don’t be afraid to mix and merge. So you have a fairly successful series going, but now you’re experiencing writers block. You have fragments of two or three sequels written, but don’t know where to take them. You’ve even considered starting on a third, but haven’t gotten anywhere with it. You really like the first two and would love to continue one of them, … Read More Author’s Advice Pt. 11

The Traitorous Main Character

So you’ve written your story. Your characters are beloved, not only to you, but also your reading audience. Well now you’re writing the next part in your series and are ready to do the unthinkable… You’re going to have one of the characters turn on the others. One of your main good guys is now to become a villain and not just a villain, … Read More The Traitorous Main Character

Free Exchange of Ideas…

Can I just ask… what the heck happened? When I first published my work, I got a lot of comments from readers, both positive and negative. Divinity in particular got positive and negative comments from die-hard Christians and atheists, and I don’t understand the negativity. I certainly can’t speak for the rest of the world, so if it’s different outside of the U.S. PLEASE … Read More Free Exchange of Ideas…