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Indirect Sequels…

So I know I’ve touched on this already, but given how much I love this and how much thinking of it sooner may have saved me time and frustration during the publishing phase, I thought I’d go into a bit more detail. When I finished writing Divinity, I thought to myself, “Now it’s done, perfect, an epic story that will no doubt catch the … Read More Indirect Sequels…


Divinity, Part 1, Book 1: Before the Fall, Chapter 1

I A cool breezed passed through Azrael’s hair as he and his apprentice, Adalyn, touched down on the steps of the Most High’s temple. It was a beautiful morning in the Celestial World. There was not a cloud in the sky to impede their flight. Azrael landed first, his silver armor still showing tarnish from the days of war long passed. His wings were … Read More Divinity, Part 1, Book 1: Before the Fall, Chapter 1

Divinity Q&A

Hi all, thought I’d do a little question and answer session about Divinity. Some of these were questions that people have asked me over time in working with the book, others are just questions that I know some people are wondering, or may ask after reading, so I thought I’d get them out of the way now. If I miss any though, please feel … Read More Divinity Q&A


Divinity up on Amazon.

It looks like Divinity is now up on both Kindle and Softcover through Amazon. Hardcover to follow soon. Kindle Softcover



It is with great pride and a little trepidation, that I announce that Divinity is now and forever Published!!! 450 pages James\Harrington ISBN-13: 978-0692336410 (Custom Universal) ISBN-10: 0692336419 BISAC: Fiction / Fantasy / Historical Synopsis: How could it come to this? Why would God let this happen to me? These were questions two very different souls in very different circumstances were forced to ask. … Read More DIVINITY… IS PUBLISHED!!!!



Hi all, It is with great excitement… and a lot of nervousness, that I am finally able to give everyone a first glimpse at the novel that had me pulling my hair out for almost 8 years! Divinity. A tale of two worlds violently thrust together by fate and circumstance. A story of overcoming insurmountable odds (it doesn’t get much more insurmountable than God’s … Read More Divinity

Divinity Background

Hi All, I hope that you’re all as psyched for the release of Divinity as I am. I’ve received a bunch of emails asking about the release… arguably a lot more than I expected, so let me thank you for that beforehand, that’s awesome! My answer is… soon, very soon. I’m just trying to work out a few bugs with the production of the … Read More Divinity Background

Divinity Update!!!!

Everything has been approved! The files are being completed and a proof copy is being mailed to me for final approval! I’ll keep you all posted, but it looks like Divinity will be happening very soon!! I’m still waiting on a little more info for the hard cover as it is my goal to have them out at the same time! Synopsis: How could … Read More Divinity Update!!!!

Divinity Update!

We’re all super excited about this! It’s actually happening as I’ve had to tell some of my readers who have messaged me. The cover is finally done, the editing done and everything has been submitted for review. Divinity is on it’s last stretch. Finally after 8 years of rewrites, changes, and being put on the back burner, it’s almost here!!! Thanks for sticking it … Read More Divinity Update!

Switching from 3rd to 1st person mid-story?

So recently I’ve been working on trying this out. Would it work? I’ve certainly never read any stories where anyone has tried this, though I’m sure I’m not the first to attempt it. I believe that it should be possible. Where would one need to switch point of view? Well for starters, switching from 3rd to first person wouldn’t necessarily by switching the point … Read More Switching from 3rd to 1st person mid-story?

Countdown to Divinity!

So excited, Divinity will be published in another two weeks! Can’t believe it! 8 years in the making!!! Synopsis: How could it come to this? Why would God let this happen to me? These were questions two very different souls in very different circumstances were forced to ask. Giovanni was a poor fisherman living in 16th Century Venice. His entire family had been lost … Read More Countdown to Divinity!

A New Inspiration

So I recently came across this new song off of Amaranthe’s CD. Over and done. This gave me the idea to rewrite a scene from my upcoming book where the Angel admits that she has romantic feelings that are forbidden for her species. It’s far more poetic now as a result.