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Author Advice Pt 4

Rules of grammar and spelling… I have a feeling that this one will get me a few rolled eyes, but we all remember or… partially recall studying where to place comma’s, how to punctuate, and how to spell. This is all stuff we know. However, are those rules solid? Must they always be followed? Absolutely not! You’re going to find in your writing that, … Read More Author Advice Pt 4

Prequel to the Yden Trilogy!

Originally posted on Child of Yden (Author Suzanne G. Rogers):
I’d like to announce the release of my Yden prequel KIRA, which shines the spotlight on Kira Szul, the Nomad princess who figures prominently in the Yden trilogy. Blurb: Although Nomad princess Kira has trained all her young life to be a warrior, she begins to yearn for something more. She unwittingly stumbles onto…

Departure: Chapter 2

Originally posted on The Lilypad:
In this chapter: Politics is death. No God escapes from this conference room with their souls intact. Also hacking is really hard when you’re talking about sealed altars that existed well before history and bear within the source of all existence. Chapter 2: Beginning of the End


The Callindra Chronicles Chapter 3

Originally posted on Benjamin Fisher-Merritt (author):
Glarian had found the Healer, purchased some boneknit root and enough basic supplies to hopefully last the winter.  He could feel something looming large on the horizon as he approached the inn and it was making him nervous. “Strange weather eh?”  The man at the door said, looking at a cloudbank that was towering over the forest.  “Is…

Friday Fantasy ~ Fortune’s Favor

Originally posted on Night Owl Poetry – Dorinda Duclos:
Mystical winds blow A Mystery unfolds Held in my hands Fate hidden, untold Conjuring Spirits Bound, Beholden Your Future unravels Resplendent, Golden A Crystal globe Shines With Sun’s Magic Spell Revenant, Fortune’s Favor Enchantingly dwells ? ©2014 Dorinda Duclos All Rights Reserved Photo via Original artist credited there.

The End

This won’t necessarily focus on one story, or even one series. It will more focus on serials and how the ending are handled. So let’s get to it, shall we? Everyone loves a good ending, everyone. But what makes a good ending and what makes a bad one? Is a good ending the fairy tale happy ending where the hero gets the girl and … Read More The End

Proof Copy

Please be sure to check out this awesome looking story. Can’t wait for it to be released!

Musical Inspiration: Amaranthe

This is another band that I absolutely love. It’s basically two different music forms combined into one. The mesh of styles, what I call Fusion Metal, really aids in my writing. I highly recommend these guys to anyone who finds their inspiration through music.


Love Never Dies: The Musical Review.

I try to stick to the positive… so if you read my blog for writing advice or new books to read, feel free to skip over this review. No one would blame you. Phantom of the Opera was without a doubt the most awesome music I’ve ever seen! It had everything, action, romance, suspense. and horror. After seeing it at the Wang Theater in Boston … Read More Love Never Dies: The Musical Review.

Road of Leaves- Free E-book this Weekend

Originally posted on Eric Lorenzen:
Get a free e-book this weekend. For those who have not yet started my WAYS OF CAMELOT series, now is a good time to start. This weekend (Oct 17-19, 2014) Book 1 will be free on Amazon as an e-book.  ROAD OF LEAVES is an Arthurian fantasy for young adults and adults. This is a great chance to try…


Can fictional stories be harmful?

Unfortunately, I have to say yes… hesitantly. Fictional stories can absolutely be harmful if taken the wrong way or interpreted incorrectly. A good example would be many of the Bible stories. The Bible was a good written by man for man. I can’t speak to who wrote the old testaments or how, but the new testament, at least as far as the Gospels are … Read More Can fictional stories be harmful?

Does a book becoming a movie ruin the book?

The answer SHOULD BE a resounding NO! If Magnifica or Divinity were ever made into a movie and it stunk… my book would still be sitting on the shelf, available to read. The movie will have done nothing to it. That said, if a book was turned into a movie and the movie turned out to be better than the book (happens, though rarely), … Read More Does a book becoming a movie ruin the book?