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The ‘Alternate Universe’ Excuse

In one form or another be it Marvel, Star Trek, Star Wars or even many book series out there, we see writers wanting to change things and thus creates an alternate universe where they can explore things if they’d happen differently. Some do it better than others… Let me explain. I’ve seen two ways of doing this: 1. Making one or two minor changes … Read More The ‘Alternate Universe’ Excuse

Author’s Advice #19

Hi all, Know it’s been a while and I apologize for that. However I hope that Damnation, once it’s published, will make up for this. Anyway, onto today’s advice piece. Don’t be afraid to break out of your mold. I hate the term ‘typecast.’ I really do. No one should be stuck into one category as a sci-fi or drama actor or writer or … Read More Author’s Advice #19

More Inspiration…

This one, from one of the greatest Metal collectives out there, was instramental when I was writing Divinity. It doesn’t end well as Tobias Sammet’s singing cannot match the power of Amanda Somerville, but it’s still a really great song to listen to if writing about a relationship that may not last. Readers, Do you have a question about writing, publishing, my stories, etc? … Read More More Inspiration…


Damnation Status update!!!

Hi all, I’m very thrilled to report that Damnation is going very well. The editing is underway and the cover design, care of Brett Warniers who did Divinity’s cover, already has ideas down on paper. Another facet of the book’s cover that was recently completed was the inclusion of a representation of the main character on the cover. A very special thanks go out … Read More Damnation Status update!!!

Author’s Advice Pt. 18

Nothing anyone does with their own two hands is EVER a waste of time. This is especially true when it comes to writing. Too often I have heard people write out a few chapters then look up, sigh, and say that they’re wasting their time. Their story makes no sense, the characters suck, and the progression isn’t… progressing. That’s not a waste of time, … Read More Author’s Advice Pt. 18


Character Profiles: Piero Lorenzi.

From Damnation Species: Human Rank: Ensign Affiliation: Papal Army, Army of the Republic of Florence Character Information: A brazen young commissioned officer in the Florentine Army during the War of the League of Cognac, Piero Lorenzi seeks to restore the name of his house, who’s honor was taken due to his father’s cowardice. He serves faithfully though his commanding officer, Captain Ferruccio has frequently … Read More Character Profiles: Piero Lorenzi.


Character Profile: General Xaphan

As Damnation slowly begins to take form, I thought it might be a good idea to give everyone an introduction to one of the main characters and arguably one of the best characters I’ve ever created, Xaphan. Species: Angel Affiliations: Choirs of the Most High, Legions of Hell. Rank: General Character profile: Xaphan was originally created by Collin de Plancy in his book, Dictionnaire Infernal. While … Read More Character Profile: General Xaphan


Damnation Update!

For all you crazy cats just waiting for even the slightest tidbit of news about my latest novel… 😉 I’m happy to report that things are progressing smoothly. We haven’t set an official release date as of yet, but the book is going through editing, everyone I needed for the cover is onboard and working on it, and we’re officially on track. I personally … Read More Damnation Update!

Are Sequels Really Necessary?

“When did the need for series and/or sequels start, anyway? I’ve been reading Diana Wynne Jones’ REFLECTIONS ON WRITING, and she isn’t shy about sharing her thoughts on series arcs (that is, she didn’t like them). If memory serves, out of the gazillion books she wrote, only three, maybe four had sequels. Even in the Chrestomanci series, Chrestomanci himself is not always a primary … Read More Are Sequels Really Necessary?

Character Loss vs. Reality

This happens to everyone at some point. Either we meet the girl of our dreams… only to find out after pouring our hearts out to that person that they’re already engaged to be married! 😡 We see some treasured item that we really want, but can’t afford it, etc. The worst is when we find out that we could have had that something or … Read More Character Loss vs. Reality


Author’s Advice Pt. 17

Writers, Sequel Bait is a very dangerous move to make, especially if you’re going to end on a down note. I’ve seen many good stories that didn’t fare too well on the market end with all their loose ends untied in anticipation of a sequel. I’ve seen it in movies too. Now, I understand that you’re confident in your writing and you want a good setup … Read More Author’s Advice Pt. 17

Opinion vs. Fact

So recently I’ve come across many blogs and other writings that are attempting to pass off their opinion as fact. Several different subjects have come up pertaining to politics, nutrition, etc. In my writing, I feel it’s always important to distinguish between the two. If I’m sighting fact, I’ll give a source and say it’s a fact. If I’m giving an opinion, I’ll make … Read More Opinion vs. Fact