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DC Teen Titans… I have a bad feeling about this…

All right, full disclosure here. We haven’t seen much yet. Admittedly we haven’t seen much, so this may all be over nothing. I’m usually one to reserve judgement until I see the show… but I guess Marvel’s Inhumans has made me a little bitter. Unfortunately… so far, I’m getting the same vibe from Teen Titans that I got from The Inhumans. Take a look … Read More DC Teen Titans… I have a bad feeling about this…


A Part of our Childhood Dies

I know, I know…. #FirstWorldProblems! I don’t care. Being a toy collector, and a huge proponent of geek culture, I felt I had to address this. For people around the world who may not know, in at least the United States and Canada Toys R Us was a place most of us looked at fondly ever since we were children and we’re really sad to … Read More A Part of our Childhood Dies


Action Figure Review: The Good, The Bad…

So I recently got my hands on a pair of action figures that I was really excited to get. The first one was the Toys R Us limited Edition Black Series Rey. I wasn’t planning on purchasing this one as I got the standard version of this figure… but when Toys R Us going out of business, I got it for $8. and honestly, … Read More Action Figure Review: The Good, The Bad…


Comic Collecting…

  So for the longest time now, my comic book collecting has been fairly minimal. Since I cancelled all of my Marvel pulls and have restricted myself to Teen Titans, Lady Mechanika and a few indie titles, my monthly box at The Hall of Comics has been kind of bare. That being said, every now and then, I do get a diamond or two… … Read More Comic Collecting…

Star Wars Figure Review: Jaina Solo, Black Series

  She finally came! That’s two of the three figures I’ve been waiting for and after delay upon delay, she finally arrived: Da da da daaaaaa!!! Ladies and Gentlemen, from the Legends series, the daughter of General Han Solo and Princess/Jedi Master Leia… Skywalker Organa Solo (jeez lady)… Character Story: Jaina is one of the three Solo kids from the Legends series. Her brother … Read More Star Wars Figure Review: Jaina Solo, Black Series


Play Arts Figure Review: Rinoa Heartilly (Final Fantasy VIII)

I think I might start this as a normal thing when I get new figures. It happens regularly, so at least I can tell people the good and the bad and maybe encourage or discourage some people from grabbing figures that may or may not be any good. So this is… I think the third figure I’m doing a review of? I did a … Read More Play Arts Figure Review: Rinoa Heartilly (Final Fantasy VIII)


Figma Figure Review: Corrin Fire Emblem Fates

So I promised to leave a review with my thoughts on this action figure during one of my last action figure posts, and I am a man of my word. Finally, after a year of waiting, I got an email that the figure had shipped. It arrived at my house over the weekend much to my joy. I took her out of the box… … Read More Figma Figure Review: Corrin Fire Emblem Fates

Jaina Solo: Black Series

Since I’m on an action figure kick recently, I wanted to give my first impressions of an action figure I am fiercely anticipating. Jaina Solo: Black Series. Release Date 12/10/2017 A little history: Hasbro, quite awesomely allowed people to vote for the next character that they wanted to see made into a figure. There were several finalists ranging from several mediums… but the majority … Read More Jaina Solo: Black Series


Action Figure Collection Woes >:(

  So as most everyone knows… I’m huge into action figure collecting. There are two big ones I’m waiting for. The first and perhaps most important is a commissioned one-of-a-kind action figure. See I love Skyrim… but let’s face it, the figures that came out from the game kinda sucked! All they had was a Daedric lord and a fairly generic Dragonborn. Yeah sign me … Read More Action Figure Collection Woes 😡