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STOP Blaming the Audience #Writing #Author #Advice #Movies #BirdsofPrey

So this is going to be an op-ed more than an advice piece, so feel free to skip if you’re not up for that. Recently in Hollywood, the Comic Book world, and even the literary world, we’ve seen a trend where a new piece of material is put out and bombs. Instead of going back to writer’s table to figure out what went wrong, … Read More STOP Blaming the Audience #Writing #Author #Advice #Movies #BirdsofPrey

A Look Back: Airforce Delta Strike

I used to mention this game to people back in college and honestly… No one knew what I was talking about! I couldn’t believe it. This game is nothing short of awesome. Oh yeah, that brings back memories. This game was pretty much the perfect mesh of everything I loved: Awesome story Great Graphics Dynamic Characters Fantasy Universe Full 3-D Freedom of Movement Large … Read More A Look Back: Airforce Delta Strike