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Writing on High

Hi Jim, I often find myself writing a great deal when I’ve either had a lot to drink or right after smoking weed. Do you find either helps or do you know of anything else that helps spark your creativity? You don’t have to openly admit to anything illegal, but I read a while back that some of Stephen King’s best work was done … Read More Writing on High

Another Song Added To My Writing Playlist

I love Battle Beast. They’re a very 80s-style Heavy Metal Band with a very distinct sound. You really hear their full capabilities here: I WANT THE WOOOOORRRRLD!!! Oh Hell Yes!!! Readers, Do you have a question about writing, publishing, my stories, etc? Please feel free to post a comment or email me. jimthewritingwizard@gmail.com I’ll use those comments to select my next blog post. I … Read More Another Song Added To My Writing Playlist

More Inspiration.

I’ve done some editing to this song, so my version is different then the one you’ll hear on their CD, and since I can’t post that here, I’ll give you the unedited version. This is something I listen to often during writing: Nightwish The Greatest Show On Earth Life After sleeping through a hundred million centuries we have finally opened our eyes on a … Read More More Inspiration.

The Root of My Inspiration

Everyone has a first. Everyone has some band, song, or performer that first got them into what they listen to now. For me, my entry into the type of music I listen to started way back when the genre was in it’s infancy. In fact, this person isn’t technically part of that genre at all, but his music is so close that he served … Read More The Root of My Inspiration


MORE Inspiration for you!

Today, I’d like to recommend a brand new album from my favorite concept group, Avantasia! The Album is entitled ‘Ghostlights’ and is a brand new story from a man I consider a Master Storyteller; Tobias Sammet. The moment you pick up this album, you know that you’ve grabbed a hold of something special. No getting around this one, I LOVE the artwork on these … Read More MORE Inspiration for you!


Writing’s Most Difficult Aspect

“I’m curious, but what have you found one of the most difficult things that comes with writing?” -Steven Capps Hi Steven, There are a lot of hurdles to overcome in writing… a lot. This is just me personally, but the hardest thing for writing is finding the time to write and then pulling myself away from the keyboard when I need to. It is … Read More Writing’s Most Difficult Aspect

Writing Motivation

“how do we keep motivated on writing? I used to write, then stopped for months, then im starting again, bt how do i keep being motivated? 🙂 would really appreciate the advice :D” -Senra Hi Senra, Great question. Motivation is very important in writing, if you’re not motivated to write and you just keep writing to finish what you’re working on and ‘just get … Read More Writing Motivation

More Inspiration…

This one, from one of the greatest Metal collectives out there, was instramental when I was writing Divinity. It doesn’t end well as Tobias Sammet’s singing cannot match the power of Amanda Somerville, but it’s still a really great song to listen to if writing about a relationship that may not last. Readers, Do you have a question about writing, publishing, my stories, etc? … Read More More Inspiration…

Top 10 Musical Numbers

So you’ve all heard me talk about what inspires me to write. You’ve heard about how I draw my characters’ moods and scenic tones from music, and what part the melodies play in terms of the emotional direction of an individual scene. Given that, it seems inevitable that I would do a top ten list. Now keep in mind, this is all personal preference … Read More Top 10 Musical Numbers

MORE Inspiration…

So I’m up and writing again, and my thanks partially lies with this recently discovered (by me) song by a band I’ve been growing more and more fond of over time. My Utopia by Van Canto. This is basically an A Capella group singing metal music. This song, especially the chorus line… Fly… To the morning skies With armies of the true believers. Try… … Read More MORE Inspiration…

More musical inspiration!

As I put the final touches on Divinity, this song was playing quite often. The sound of the male and female vocals mixed with a very unusual style of music really got the ideas flowing. This is Van Canto… sort of an Acappella Metal band…