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So I recently saw a video online that shot me right through the heart, both as a parent and as someone who used to work with children like this… When we see so many people homeless in the city, it’s easy to walk on by and do nothing. I myself have been guilty of it countless times. It wears on me because I know … Read More Heartbreaking…


How Far is Too Far?

“Hey, I’m curious… I’m starting a new story and I was wondering how far you can take things? Like do you have any opinion on how dark you make subjects? Would you write about murder, rape, torture, etc, and would you limit how much detail or what goes on? At what point does it go too far?” -(Asked to remain anonymous) Well reader, it … Read More How Far is Too Far?


Author’s Advice Pt. 11

Don’t be afraid to mix and merge. So you have a fairly successful series going, but now you’re experiencing writers block. You have fragments of two or three sequels written, but don’t know where to take them. You’ve even considered starting on a third, but haven’t gotten anywhere with it. You really like the first two and would love to continue one of them, … Read More Author’s Advice Pt. 11

The Traitorous Main Character

So you’ve written your story. Your characters are beloved, not only to you, but also your reading audience. Well now you’re writing the next part in your series and are ready to do the unthinkable… You’re going to have one of the characters turn on the others. One of your main good guys is now to become a villain and not just a villain, … Read More The Traitorous Main Character

Free Exchange of Ideas…

Can I just ask… what the heck happened? When I first published my work, I got a lot of comments from readers, both positive and negative. Divinity in particular got positive and negative comments from die-hard Christians and atheists, and I don’t understand the negativity. I certainly can’t speak for the rest of the world, so if it’s different outside of the U.S. PLEASE … Read More Free Exchange of Ideas…


Magnifica: The Lost Sequel Pt. 4

IV   Tom kept himself in seclusion during the next few days. He went to class as much as he needed to in order to get by, but other than that, he barely came out of his room. Both Greggor and Jayme came by to see him often, but he almost never opened the door. He slowly became oblivious to the world around him. … Read More Magnifica: The Lost Sequel Pt. 4

Personal bias, dislike, and hatred.

I admittedly was a little hesitant to address this one because of the weight and political biases that go with it. So let me preface by saying that I don’t care who’s a republican or a democrat, man or woman, black, white, asian, etc. If you enjoy reading, you’re all right by me. In Magnifica, Lia’na is often abused for being an elf. Both … Read More Personal bias, dislike, and hatred.


Magnifica: The Lost Sequel Pt 3

III   Weird things began to happen over the next few weeks. Toby and Lia’na disappeared and Gishan wouldn’t talk about it. He walked around like he was a dead man and barely even talked to anyone. One day at lunch, Tom was sitting with Greggor and Jayme when Gishan came in. Tom was talking to Jayme, “Did you hear about what happened in … Read More Magnifica: The Lost Sequel Pt 3


Magnifica: The Lost Sequel Pt. 2.

(So I’ve decided that this sequel has pretty much lost all steam. I’m going to give my readers what I have… but this is never getting published. I’m instead focusing on Taryn’s story.) II The next day, Tom got up for class, though he wasn’t really up for it. It was late in the afternoon and he had been lazing around most of the … Read More Magnifica: The Lost Sequel Pt. 2.

Magnifica… the lost sequel…

This is the 4th installment of my series… or rather part of it. Whether or not it will be published, remains to be seen… Let me know what you think. I could use some encouragement to finish… I have another potential sequel also in the works. I I‘ve never been able to get passed what happened. It still seems like something out of a … Read More Magnifica… the lost sequel…