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Nostalgia Time!!! The Rewatch of Captain N #Nostalgia #Nintendo #Zelda #80s

Hi All!!! So for no good reason other than I felt like doing it at the time, I went back and re-watched my favorite series from my childhood. Recently, I’ve been feeling extremely nostalgic for the icons of my childhood… the original NES, Saturday Morning Cartoons, the old transformers toys that no one could get right, Star Wars, the list goes on. I started … Read More Nostalgia Time!!! The Rewatch of Captain N #Nostalgia #Nintendo #Zelda #80s


Fire Emblem: The Nowi Controversy

Oh God… he’s talking about Fire Emblem again! Yes I am! So ever since Fire Emblem Awakening came out, there has been some controversy over the characters. Though I tend to ignore these as there seems to be a controversy every time a FE comes out, I wanted to weigh in on this one… For those of us who’ve played Awakening… we all know … Read More Fire Emblem: The Nowi Controversy

Fire Emblem Fates and My Thoughts…

Allow me to preface this by saying that I absolutely LOVE the Fire Emblem series. I’ve been grabbing each game since The Sacred Stones and I’ve loved each of them. They are maddeningly difficult, insanely addictive, and incredibly fun. The whole premise of a game that is almost an expansion of chess, where your moves and decisions have to be 2 steps ahead if … Read More Fire Emblem Fates and My Thoughts…