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Eric Lorenzen

Road of Leaves cover

Get a free e-book this weekend.

For those who have not yet started my WAYS OF CAMELOT series, now is a good time to start. This weekend (Oct 17-19, 2014) Book 1 will be free on Amazon as an e-book.  ROAD OF LEAVES is an Arthurian fantasy for young adults and adults. This is a great chance to try out this series.

Check it out over at Amazon:


Magic, Mayhem, and Mystery

There are no simple roads to Camelot. Thomas is a 27-year-old magician’s apprentice who must travel to the Camelot guild house for his master. He takes the Road of Leaves, an enchanted tree-lined way that shifts every night as the winds move its leafy route. He joins a walking party that includes a monk, merchants, a troubadour, and an old woman.

Thom expects a pleasant hike along the Road that was crafted by the great wizard Merlin…

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