As I put the final touches on Divinity, this song was playing quite often. The sound of the male and female vocals mixed with a very unusual style of music really got the ideas flowing. This is Van Canto… sort of an Acappella Metal band…

3 Comments on “More musical inspiration!

  1. Far-out song; thank you for liking a recent post of mine. How did you come across it? I have not read any of your work yet, will learn more about you as time permits. My first book is on amazon, has no review. It is here:

    I do not do the facebook thing; I tweet. Find me there, here: @jcm3rockstar

    Thank you for your time and consideration; I look forward to reading your work. Thank you, too, for liking my recent post about the prince and the White Witch.

    I am new to social networking and independent authoring. Any suggestions? Are you familiar with the philosopher James Harrington? I will let you know if I swing being able to read one of your books; I love to review books, rarely have the time for it.

    A favorite read of mine…

    thanks again; happy holidays 🙂


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