Today we bid farewell to a man who has touched the lives of many.

I usually don’t write posts like this, but as a huge fan of Star Trek and someone who grew up watching Leonard Nimoy… I felt I had to pay my respects…

I remember that I was about 4 or 5 the first time that I saw Mr. Nimoy on Star Trek. My dad and I were watching Wrath of Khan for the first time. By then, I was already a Star Trek fan and when I first saw this, I remember my reaction… ‘Dad, this isn’t Star Trek! Where is Captain Picard and Commander Data?’

Yeah my introduction to Star Trek was via the Next Generation. So seeing another cast take center stage was not something that I was prepared for, even less so to find out that they came first. I immediately connected with Spock and, like so many children before me, he was my favorite character… so you can imagine how traumatized I was an hour later when he got killed off.

Thankfully, my parents were quick to get me a copy of The Search for Spock, so that I could see that he wasn’t permanently gone. From then on, I was hooked. For years, when I needed a good adventure, or just something I enjoyed, Star Trek was always my fall back.

It takes a certain actor to bring a character with no emotion to the screen and make him dynamic. I can honestly say that if anyone else played him… the character would not have been anywhere near as likable.

Mr. Nimoy, thank you… thank you for years of underhanded comments to Dr. McCoy, thank you for years of enjoyment and entertainment. Thank you very much! Rest in peace, sir.

5 Comments on “A Legend Leaves Us…

  1. It’s strange, Leonard Nimoy dying isn’t something that I’ve thought of as a possibility. It’s like a foundation from my childhood is gone. Maybe it’s because Spock was so long lived and cameoed in Next Gen…

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    • I know exactly what you’re talking about. I guess we all got used to having him around and got so comfortable with seeing him in everything… and given the fact that on set he doesn’t really seem to age all that much… (Look at him, he really doesn’t look all that different in 2014 than he did in the 60s. A little makeup and hair dye and he could still play that old Spock.) We just kinda forgot that he was a mortal human just like us.

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  2. So Leonard Nimoy is really dead. I still can’t believe it… I haven’t been such a huge Star Trek fan, but Mr Spok was one of my favourite characters next to Captain Janeway and Seven of Nine.
    His death is really sad.


  3. A loss indeed. I enjoyed watching him on several other shows as well. A wonderful actor and humanitarian. Thanks for stopping by my blog today.


  4. Spock has been a staple in my life from way back–and in my children’s lives. What a magnificent person, playing a sometimes exasperating role! He pulled it off with grace and sterling competence. No flicker of anything emotional unless and when the plot called for it. The movies are wonderful. The original series is still my favorite–with that over-weening, self-important and oh so brilliant Captain Kirk who couldn’t keep his eyes off the ladies. Thanks for your tribute and for stopping by my blog today.


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