I know that this is a few days late, but I’ve sadly been in a bubble working… On Sunday, we lost one of the greats. A man who is the embodiment of a life where no moment was wasted. A legend and one of my all time heroes… Christopher Lee.

Christopher was born in 1922 and his resume includes, but is no where near limited to…
WW2 Veteran,
A member of her majesty’s SAS
World Champion fencer

The list goes on. He was the template for almost every villainous character out there, but there was not an ounce of villain in the man. Though he did have a thundering voice that you probably didn’t want reading bedtime stories to your children.
I remember the first time I saw him. He was portraying Dracula in a movie that I was WAY too young to be watching. I remember being scared out of my mind.
However, as the years went on, I began to recognize him in other roles. He was a reoccurring villain in Pirate movies, and then took center stage as the villain in two of the biggest fantasy series out there: Star Wars and Lord of the Rings.

When I listed off his accolades to my wife, I remember she had a sly look on her face as she replied, “Yeah, but in everything he did, I bet he didn’t have time for a family.”
Well… I looked into it and discovered that not only did he have a family, in rare form for a famous actor, he had been in a stable marriage with a child for over 5 decades. So add family man to that list.

There are few words out there that can really do this man justice… so instead, I’ll leave you, my readers with his thundering, but enchanting voice. Here he does what he loves so much, singing… with one of my favorite bands.

You inspired me in many ways… including my writing, and you will be missed, Mr. Lee. Rest in peace.


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4 Comments on “No Moment Wasted… A Hero Leaves Us.

  1. Beautiful post about Christopher Lee a true icon! I loved him to pieces, Dracula definitely. Die hard Dracula lover to the end I am currently watching the movie sometime tonight. R.I.P Christopher Lee!


  2. No matter which movie Christopher Lee appeared in, that movie became a whole lot better just for him being there.

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