I’ve gotten a lot of questions on this one. I suppose that I may not have made this particularly clear on my previous posts… so I’ll try harder…

Yes, Damnation is a sequel… technically.

It is a follow-up novel to Divinity though dealing with an entirely different cast in the same universe:

Cover design by Brett Warniers!

Cover design by Brett Warniers!

Do Divinity characters make an appearance? Yes, but mostly as cameos.

Does this mean that Damnation can be read without Divinity?

Well… yes… There are a few plot points that won’t add up without knowing the prequel, but much of it is explained, so I do believe the story can hold its own. Even so, I strongly recommend reading the prequel at some point for reference if nothing else.

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5 Comments on “Damnation… sequel?

    • LOL probably not. Divinity and Damnation have both been written for years, and I currently have another story in the works involving one of the characters from Damnation. No worries on catching up. The stories aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. When you get done with Divinity, Piero and General Xaphan will be there waiting to take you on their adventure.

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