Statement: Hollywood is out of original ideas.


I hear this one all the time whenever ANOTHER transformers, or ANOTHER desperate attempt to make a good Fantastic 4 movie comes out. With all the hype and advertising, it seems like Hollywood is completely out of original ideas. These days, everything is based on something, be it a book, another movie, or a real life event that has been cannibalized beyond recognition, but does that mean that there are no decent original movies coming out?

Honestly, no, no it does not. There are original movies coming out all the time. I looked on a couple of showtimes websites today and, lo and behold, there were at least THREE original movies that were completely original scripts. Seriously, go check it out, they’re there, and they’re waiting to be discovered.

So if that’s true, then why do people think that Hollywood is out of original ideas? Well… that’s a tougher question to answer. Let’s go back in time a little, shall we?

In 1977 Star Wars came out… and it was AWESOME! Yes, the movie became something that not even Lucas himself could have foreseen. This was a movie that broke records and became one of, if not THE FIRST Blockbuster movie. You know the type, high budget, huge effects, all the stops pulled out along the way.

Now, as awesome as that sounds, it came with its own set of consequences… From that moment onward, Hollywood began its quest for the next big blockbuster hit… and the search was not pretty. Dragonslayer, Krull, Legend, The NeverEnding Story (unfortunately in the U.S.), among other high-budget films turned out to be box office nightmares that didn’t make back their original budget. Hollywood producers began to notice a pattern and slowly began to shy away from original scripts. Suddenly anything that wasn’t based on a book or something that people were familiar with, were shied away from.

Does that mean that Hollywood stopped making original films? Hell no. They still do, we just don’t see the same amount of marketing put into them. As I said, Hollywood shies away from original scripts for the above reason, so when an original script get’s green-lit, it’s unlikely that a lot of advertising will be put into it by the studio. The exceptions being if a well-known screenwriter put’s the script forward, as was the case with Avatar. The next time you decide to take a loved one to the movies, or just decide to go… just because, take a look at what’s being offered. You’ll see two or three movies listed that, chances are, you’ve never heard of. You’ll stand there like, ‘I’ve never heard of that… what the heck?’ and most likely won’t even give it a second glance.

Well… THAT WAS YOUR ORIGINAL MOVIE! That’s right, in most cases, those are the original scripted movies that Hollywood put’s out, but sort of hopes you won’t notice that they exist. I encourage you to give them another look. Maybe not see it right then and there, but research it. Look at what it’s about and maybe go see it next time or rent it. 

Obviously, there is going to be some risk. These movies are really hit or miss, arguably more so than the big blockbusters…. (Fantastic 4 not withstanding), we still have original scripts like the previously mentioned Dragonslayer and Legend, but if we don’t go see these movies and send the message to Hollywood that we are engaged and interested in original ideas… then nothing is ever going to change.

Again, I encourage you, take a look at the movies listed the next time you decide to go. Check out the titles you don’t recognize and see if the plot is something you find interesting. You may surprise yourself.

… Just please, do me a favor and stay FAR FAR away from The Age of Adaline. No, I’m not even kidding… and if you don’t know why, go read my book, Divinity and you’ll understand. Seriously AVOID!!!


Anyway, thanks friends, and enjoy!


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9 Comments on “Is Hollywood Truly Out of Original Ideas?

  1. I agree with your advice. Check out and support original scripts! But the Neverending Story was supposedly based on the German novel, Die Unendliche Geschichte. But they deviated from the story so much the author ended up suing them (he lost). Maybe in that case “creativity” wasn’t the best idea.

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  2. I have to say I’m one of those people who thinks that Hollywood originalities are few and far between. (PLEASE tell me they’re not really doing a remake of the Wizard of Oz!) I’ll take your word for it, though, and keep my eyes open to see if I spot anything new and interesting. Who knows? Maybe I’ll find something worth watching.

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  3. Agree with the post. Film-makers to a large degree seek box-office approval. So if the audience encourages “different” movies, and independent creations, there would be more variety out there. I personally enjoy the summer blockbusters. At the same time, I have enjoyed flicks like Little Miss Sunshine, Warm Bodies, Bandslam. Easy A etc; films with clever writing, laced with wit. . As a side note, Hollywood does a good job with “coming-of-age” films.


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