So now it’s been announced that there will be a Beetlejuice 2, and thus there is now even more evidence, that Hollywood has lost it’s touch. I don’t know about this… I’ll wait and see on this one. However, I’ve had some time to reflect on many movies recently and I have reached one inescapable conclusion…

I CAN’T STAND Tim Burton!

Honestly, to me, he is one of the most overrated directors in Hollywood. His films are extremely linear and seem to only cater to the hipster/hot topic crowd. It’s always the same dark, dismal, atmosphere that only someone who was puffing a peace pipe would come up with. He always seem to cast the same people in every freaken movie. It’s always Helena Bowman Carter and Johnny Depp, in heavy white makeup, playing the same roles they’ve played over and over. I will give him credit, he did give Johnny Depp his start, but that’s really where the fairy tale ends.

You can only make so many sequels to Edward Scissor hands before it gets old… how many are there now?
Edward Scissorhands
Edward Scissorhands 2: Headless in the Hollow
Edward Scissorhands 3:  Edward and the Chocolate Factory
Edward Scissorhands 4: Edward Becomes Barber (again)
Edward Scissorhands 5: Edward Takes on Wonderland
Edward Scissorhands 6: The Vampire Strikes Back

Also, I know people love the whole Nightmare Before Christmas movie. Yes it has a big following… but you… you really don’t know any better people, you don’t. Just because a movie pioneers a new type of animation and takes on a much more adult tone, DOESN’T MAKE IT GOOD BY DEFAULT! It’s not about who did it first, it’s about who did it best. The story is stupid, the sets dreary and the characters are just unpleasant to look at, very often disgusting, and next to impossible to empathize with.
The main problem I have with this is that it’s Tim Burton’s staple for animation.

Finally… HOW MANY MOVIE ADAPTATIONS HAS THIS MAN RUINED? Sleepy Hollow was boring and pointless, and the story wasn’t even close to the classic tale.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory… okay I will acknowledge that it was closer to the source material, but Johnny Depp’s Michael Jackson/Marilyn Manson hybrid Wonka is the stuff of nightmares.

The Planet of the Apes remake was a bad movie based on a bad movie, and was dead on arrival. I can’t really fault Burton too much on this one, but it is what it is.

James and the Giant Peach… I loved the book and read it before seeing the movie, and while Tim Burton may not have directed it, his fingerprints as a producer are all over it. The movie was grotesque and downright offensive to the eyes to the point where I can’t even read the book anymore! They might as well have called it The Nightmare Before Christmas 2!

Many before me have said that what he did to Alice and Wonderland is both completely inexcusable and unforgivable.

But what about classics like Batman, Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands, and Big Fish!?

Yes okay… he did have a few good movies… but I’d like to make a few points here. The ONLY real standout that Burton can claim credit for is Beetlejuice, and by the looks of things, he’s about to ruin that.

Batman back in the 1980s was a massive hit, no denying that.. but can we give Burton credit for that? I think not. Burton considered the film to be a really rough experience with almost obtrusive interference from the studio and producers. Meaning that he was kept on a tight leash when he made this movie. In fact the only way they could get him back for a sequel was by offering him complete creative control over the movie. This resulted in a mean-spirited and dark film that really had fans and critics going back and forth on whether or not it was any good. In fact, it was considered so bad that it lost it’s McDonald’s Happy Meal deal in the process.

As for Edward Scissorhands and Big Fish… Edward Scissorhands was stupid and boring. I know I’m in the minority on this one, but seriously, re-watch it if you haven’t in a while. As for Big Fish… I’ll be honest, I haven’t watched it. Thanks, but I’ve spent enough money on Burton’s movies. If it shows up on Netflix or TV, I’ll give it a whirl, but I’m not giving him any more $$.

So readers, what do you think? Do you agree? Am I dead on or way off? Let me know!


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19 Comments on “WTF… Tim Burton…

  1. Ha! Your list of sequels had me smirking. Having seen these films, I just…nope, don’t get the appeal. I mean, I WILL say of ALICE that it “looked” neat. I did like the surrealness of all the colors. But the story itself was utter shite. Big Fish is not that bad, though, but that was based on a book, wasn’t it? As far as something original, Beetlejuice was so quirky and fun they managed a successful cartoon for kids based on a not-really-for-kids film. That, to me, was the proper sequel, and it was fine. Ugh, I can only imagine Keaton’s take on all this…

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  2. The man is a mingled yarn. Big Fish is above average but not great. Never saw Clipper Hands (I could smell the gothic pretense). Planet of the Apes remake was bad but I’ll defend the original to the death (you damn dirty blogger).

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    • Hahaha fair enough! My father says the same thing, but I guess it’s an acquired taste or something. I love a lot of Heston movies, this one just didn’t grab me.

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      • Unfortunately, the Ape masks have not aged well. I saw it when I was a kid so I didn’t know any better. Burton’s version actually has good effects but ignores any attempt at story and theme. And he kind of duped Chuck Heston (then suffering from Alzheimer’s) into doing a cameo role where he talks about the evils of firearms.


  3. It is merely a matter of preference, but I agree. I don’t care for Tim Burton’s style at all – though Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was OK and I did actually like Big Fish (didn’t even know he was involved in it, otherwise I might have never turned it on).

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  4. I like his older work in the late ’80s and early ’90s, but he’s another director that once he started fiddling around with computer effects out the ass, he just tossed away any originality, and we ended up with garbage like the Planet of the Apes remake. Or the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory remake. Seriously, what’s with all the remakes?

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  5. Burton began as an animator at near-closure Disney. In fact, he offered them Nightmare Before Christmas, which may seem strange now, but doesn’t when you put it into context of The Black Hole, Tron and The Great Mouse Detective.

    And that’s what makes Beetlejuice work so well: he gets to do the cartoon style. Edward Scissorhands, while mired in the goth style, is really a cartoon about acceptance like some animated films and stories of the time.

    Batman was the one movie he couldn’t do it in, and that has more to do with WB wanting to push it was everything that the 60s series was not: the West/Ward series was basically shunned every which way it could.

    Sadly, he’s mostly lost that child-like sense of wonder in his movies — partly because of his script and partly, I would say, because the studio wants him to keep making Scissorhands movies since they are successful. When he does get that sense of wonder, we get films like Big Fish and Big Eyes, both of which are Willy Wonka-like wonder amongst the darkness. When he doesn’t, we get dark and dreary the whole way through.

    Beetlejuice 2, IF it has the right script, will be one of those upticks, because Keaton hates the dour and so, in many ways, does Wynona Ryder: hopefully Burton will see that and respond to it.


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