Bullied at school, neglected at home and incredibly lonely, 12-year-old Owen (Kodi Smit-McPhee) spends his days plotting revenge on his tormentors and spends his nights spying on other residents of the apartment complex. His sole friend is Abby (Chloë Grace Moretz), a strange girl who comes out only at nighttime. Both outcasts, the two form a strong bond. When Abby’s caretaker disappears amid a series of gruesome murders, Owen begins to suspect that she is hiding a terrible secret.

Okay, I have to admit this… I’m a horror movie junkie with a slight guilty pleasure tragic drama. I usually flick on horror movies while I work as they make the day pass by a lot faster… don’t know why but they do.

So I went hunting for a movie that I’d seen recently, but couldn’t remember the name of. That’s when I ran into this gem of a movie. I’d never heard of it before, but unlike most of the fair you find under the ‘horror’ section of Netflix, it actually has a fairly high rating from both audiences and critics. Okay… well I’d never heard of it.

I managed to find a copy online and quickly downloaded it…

OH MAN!!! This movie was pretty good. In terms of mood, it was pretty dark and dreary, but even among the depressing atmosphere, the chemistry of the characters was a high point.  I really… REALLY don’t want to give too much away for those who have not seen it yet, but if you like suspense, horror thrillers, and you’re the type who likes stories about loves that can never be, this is the movie for you.

It starts off a bit slow, but it really does get better and better… The two leads do a really good job and you really feel what they’re going through. Despite the bad things that happen, you still really want them to be together and you’re still rooting for them despite the fact that you pretty much know it won’t happen.

Chloë Grace Moretz brings an eerie innocence to her character that contributes to the mind eff that follows when you see what she is and does. That’s all I’m going to say about it.

On a side note though, I know some people criticize that fact that the leads in this movie are only 12, but how is that any less realistic than the time-honor Studio Ghibli movie, Ponyo? The chemistry is age-appropriate in my opinion.

Anyway, definitely check this one out if your taste is similar to mine! It literally is the best of everything.


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5 Comments on “Let Me In (2010)

  1. This is one of the few American remakes of a movie, that was almost as good as the original movie. I agree with you, this was a truly touching movie, and the performances were very good. The original Scandinavian movie is even better and also honestly a bit more brutal. If you haven’t already you might want to check out the original just to compare them. Great review 😀

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    • So I watched the other one… yeah as you said, it’s a lot more brutal, which is pretty awesome. The story is definitely better, but only marginally so, than the American version.
      That said… I still kind of gravitate towards the American version for one reason; Chloë Moretz. Feel free to disagree, but I found her portrayal of the character to be slightly creepier. Chloë brings an eerie innocence to the role that Lina Leandersson just can’t seem to emulate as well.
      I mean look at the picture I chose for the banner to this post. Who wouldn’t let her in? Someone her age would definitely do it because it looks like she needs them… someone our age would do it too out of pity… we’d probably wind up dead, but regardless a distressed innocent face like that is hard to ignore.
      I’ll probably pick both up and add them to the master collection because their both great (and that’s a big deal for me as I’m very picky about what hard copies occupy my shelf space.), but I am partial to the remake.

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      • I almost can’t disagree lol, that was a very well thought out response and I agree with you on almost every point. Perhaps it is because I saw the original first, and the remake second, that I felt the Scandinavian version was a little bit better. But as far a remakes go, this was truly a fantastic remake, that captured the spirit of the original in almost every way. It’s just the Scandinavian vibe, that for me made it feel a bit creepier. Otherwise they are both great in their own way. I have them both in my hardcopy collection as well. Thanks for your response, glad to read you liked the original as well 😉


  2. If you enjoyed the movie (either version), then you should definitely check out the book. It goes in to so much more detail and gives a great deal more background on the characters. I loved it and recommend it highly!

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