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My faith in humanity has long since been gone… LONG since been gone. Between 50 Shades of Gray behind heralded as a modern classic, societal decay, the fact that Hillary or Trump are considered legitimate candidates… the list goes on and on.

Then I see videos like this… (I warn you… this is NOT easy to watch.)


… were you able to watch the whole thing? You’re stronger than I am, if so. Two things that are very near and dear to me are helping children and the homeless. Know the guy who goes and buys a sandwich for the homeless guy on the street corner in the city? Or the guy who’s constantly getting the hell kicked out of him by a mentally disturbed child who was neglected by an awful parent? Yes, that’s me, and I have the scars to prove it. So you can understand why things like this hit home for me.

People, we are monsters. I’m sorry, but it’s true. The fact that something like this can and does happen in a country that is amongst the most civilized in the world… just… just no…

I don’t know if she was on drugs as the crowd claims or if she wasn’t mentally well, and I do not care in the context of this video. What was this woman’s crime that she deserved this? What?

She was a racist, hateful Trump support!

Did we hear her say anything racist? Technically according to the regressive left and the more moderate right, she’s black and therefore cannot be racist. So I’d assume we’re doing a ‘guilty by association’ scenario here?

This is disgusting… and this is coming out of the progressive, left-wing side which preaches tolerance, maturity, and open-mindedness to other ideas. I’m sorry, but Hillary supporters need to do some serious soul-searching after this.

But Trump supporters have done similar things!

True, but in many cases, it was actually either Bernie or Hillary supporters… or just people who were anti-trump that started them. Trump himself has spoken out against this kind of violence as well. Look, I’m not saying that the Trump supporters out there don’t have things that they need to answer for, but they’re not the ones attempting to claim the tolerance and politically correct high ground here, that’s what’s so infuriating.

So you’re condemning the entire group because of the acts of a few?

Yes and here’s why…  Too often, I’ve heard people from the Hillary side say that if you don’t disparage remarks made by fringe members of your group, you’re accepting them and that makes you as guilty.
On the NRA page, people who wrongfully wish harm on those who they believe are taking their rights away are met with no repercussion… as a result people say that the NRA is wishing harm on these people.
Virtually no feminist movement out there that I’ve seen bothers to address the genocidal remarks of their more extreme elements, as a result, people have shied away from the movement.
The Tea Party is labelled as a fringer racist group because the media focuses on the one or two wackjobs on the sides of the protests holding up racist remarks and the group doesn’t bother addressing them.
Equal Opportunity and Diversity groups have had a monkey wrench thrown into their credibility due to the actions of Black Lives Matter because they don’t speak out against what’s happened.
Has Hillary or her campaign spoken out about what happened to this poor woman? Have they even issued a statement? Have they? 5 days after it happened, I haven’t found one. If I’m wrong, please let me know and I’ll retract the statement.

Look, I don’t support Hillary, and I don’t support Trump… why? Because nothing is going to change after they’re elected. I’ve outlined this very clearly in a previous post about this kind of thing… that being said, what I’ve seen here… it just sickens me… and I’ll be honest, behavior like this doesn’t convince me to vote for Hillary… if anything, watching videos like this seriously makes me consider voting the other way.

That’s right, I do not intend to vote for either candidate… but I feel like I’m slowing being pushed if for no other reason than to spite people like these… This behavior is uncalled for, it is unimaginable, and it is wrong. I sincerely hope the people who did this are found and prosecuted because there is no excuse for it.

Note to Hillary Clinton: That you’ve said nothing about this incident, that you haven’t come out and let your supporters have it for this is very telling about the type of president that you want to be.

I’d like to tell everyone a story about why I try not to participate in partisan politics.

When I was in College, I participated in a sort of blockade. Essentially we’d heard through the grapevine that there was going to be an anti-war protest near where my college was, at the local airport where soldiers were coming home. We didn’t want to see/hear about these soldiers getting things thrown at them. We organized a group of us to go down and form a human barricade between the protesters and the soldiers and their families.

Long story short, our presence enraged the protesters, resulting in one of them throwing a brick, hitting a girl who was standing with us in the face, causing her to need stitches. Two men dressed in uniform came over to help… while the protesters continued their chants.

That’s right, the people protesting for peace are the ones that turned violent. This is why I don’t get involved in partisan politics. There is too much hypocrisy, too much hyperbole, and everything boils right down to Goodwin’s Law. I can’t be bothered with it.

Anyway, I’m curious as to what my readers think. Let me know in the comments below…

Thanks, and I can’t wait for this stuff to be over with.


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4 Comments on “Politics… Hopefully The Last Time

  1. I did not hit the like button on this one: not because I did not like the article you wrote, or that I do not agree with you for 200%, but because liking a post like this seems somehow inappropriate. What kind of world are we living in, when a group of people just abuse (Because that’s really all this is), a woman like that, and not one of them, not a single person lifts a finger to help her. That for me honestly is the most disgusting thing about this. Unbelievable is a word that springs to mind, but I guess these days, things like this should not surprise me at all anymore. Awfull video, and all these people should be behind bars, with the key thrown away for an unspecified amount of time.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. These folk are repellent and a disgrace, plain and simple as that.
    We have something similar in the UK. Folk who hide under the banner about concern of the situation in The Middle East can indulge in the old European anti-Semitism kick. Anyone who considers themselves a progressive thinking liberal, but needs to scratch that ‘itch’- no problem, attack anyone who holds theistic believes, be abusive as you like, you’re only concerned with ignorant superstition, so you must be right…right?
    Me I am an British very left-wing socialist (btw anyone who is accused on being socialist in the US would be considered by us to mild-middle-of-the-road liberal)…I have dissociated myself from my supposed home The Labour Party because of the hate and intolerance that certain section are spewing out.
    Different sides of the same coin. Hate. Intolerance. Ignorance.
    (PS: I have engaged in conversations with Trump supporters on WP, I explain my views. They explain theirs. Since we are mutually uncertain of each others motivations we then go on to discuss, art, humour, writing, etc- thus we get on ok)

    Liked by 1 person

      • It’s noteworthy that as opposed to FB and other social media, the civilised exchange can take place on WordPress. As I joined WP from the writing/art side I can only conclude that Art in all its forms is the common ground and brings us all together.


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