Seth MacFarlane… as a fellow creator/entertainer, my hat goes off to you on this one. Because while you and I don’t always find ourselves on the same side as every issue, I happen to be 100% with you on this one.

Readers, as many of you have seen over times, I have done my best to be bipartisan about everything going on with the election, and I think that Seth aptly just described one of the reasons that a lot of Trump’s rhetoric was seen as a non-issue.

Was a lot of what he said bigoted and hateful? As I stated previously, that’s debatable and there are legitimate arguments on both sides of that.

That being said, does anyone remember when I said that words like racism, misogyny, sexism, and bigotry were words thrown about so callously that they had lost almost all meaning?

Yeah, this is what I meant by that…

Let’s take a look over the last few years…

When Professor Gates was incarcerated by police for a misunderstanding, the media made it a racial incident. The police officer was placed under scrutiny, and Obama inserted his 2 cents… when the truth came out, Obama looked like a fool, and the Cambridge Police lashed out at the White House.

MSNBC was caught doctoring recordings to make Trayvon Martin’s death seem racially motivated. The public ate it up.

When Michael Brown was killed, it caused a huge riot and was one of the flashpoints for the black lives matter movement. However… no one was ever able to provide a single piece of proof that his death was racially motivated in any way. I personally posed a challenge to people from the movement asking them to provide me with such proof. If they were able to, I’d proudly support BLM and attend their rallies in my home town.

Instead of any level of intellectualism… all I got was slander, hyperbole, and racial accusation… again, with no proof to back it up.

When Ghostbuster’s came out, people like James Rolfe and Richard Roeper gave very good reasoning as to why they either didn’t like the movie or wouldn’t see it. The result? They were labelled as misogynist and bigoted towards women. Some who actually took the time to watch their remarks, after finding nothing even close to sexist in them, took a different course:

“Embedded in all of these preemptive and logically flimsy complaints is an obvious subtext: that the issue of appearance matters more than actual quality, and that the idea of a female cast taking up the mantle of a very male film series is just somehow wrong.”

-David Sims, The Atlantic

In other words, it doesn’t matter if they said it or not. We believe they said it and because we believe that, they are misogynist. Sort of a tangential take Rene Descartes…

I think, therefore you are. 

When you get to the level where PC is not about what people say or do, but also what they might be thinking, we’re in a lot of trouble. That stance where people who view themselves to be the moral right, suddenly become the thought police, that is so unbelievably dangerous.

Framingham State University in my home state went into full panic mode after someone reported seeing a Confederate Flag on someone’s computer. The whole incident was so overblown that most people, including many students there, were left rolling their eyes.

And these examples are just off the top of my head. A quick look at Al Sharpton’s life will reveal enough to fill a novel the size of Les Miserables. The recent articles about coddling college kids against perceived triggers, seeing anything that could be offensive, and creating safe zones

So that should answer the question. How could someone who makes such unpresidential, campaign-ending, remarks not only stay on the ballot, but win?

Because thanks to so many false-flag accusations of hatred and bigotry, when legitimate, or even seemingly legitimate flags go up, we’re all numb to them  and tend to just roll our eyes because it’s the same people whining about the same thing over and over again. Its sad, but its true.

I think Anita Sarkeesian summed up the problem with the attitudes of the growing number of people subscribing to the extreme lefts position:

Yup, in other words, no matter what you say, if someone is offended by it, you can be fired, sent to sensitivity training, or have your life radically altered and your image smeared for all to see. Free Speech has taken a back seat to people being over sensitive, and that level of sensitivity that has really been promoted by the media has made most of the moderates on both sides wary, worn out, and quite frankly fed up.
I see it myself. People I know who used to be equal rights activists now roll their eyes when they see people crying race or bigotry.

So to those of you who consider yourselves, or deep down know you are,
Social Justice Warriors
Al Sharpton/Jesse Jackson fans
or people who have the nerve to actually call themselves Diversity Progressives…

This is the bed you helped make. This is the environment that we live in, thanks to your actions. This is the divisive climate that you helped create, while feigning that you were trying to bring everyone together.

Now I won’t say that you only have yourselves to blame, because frankly, there are many who we can point the finger at here (The DNC, weak Republican candidates, Debbie Shultz, Hillary herself, Obama, Congress, the list goes on.), but what I will say is your behavior helped keep his campaign alive.

So while I applaud people like Seth McFarlane for coming to this realization and trying to make other people see it, for others…

Sigh… I doubt they’ll ever be able to break out of their bubbles of ignorance and blind bigotry to see that they’ve become the very evil that they fight against. Things like Trump’s presidency aren’t going to stop as long as people like this go unchecked and are not discredited by the communities they represent.

So realistically, we’re in for a long ride here. Be very afraid.


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3 Comments on “Trump’s Election… Epiphany.

  1. “The tendency to see oneself perpetually as a victim will lead to the evasion of responsibility and the condoning of evil.” – Albert Lutuli, Let My People Go, 1962.

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  2. From the UK: (Y’know Land of Brexit).
    In terms of political doctrine I am a very left-wing socialist(willing to take questions of what that might mean). However in the aftermath of the internal fights within our own Labour Party (long story, some of it incomprehensible, even those inside of the party); some aspects of The Brexit debate and the predictable americaphobic reaction to President-Elect Trump I am somewhat exasperated with my own political home-ground. I find some parts as narrow-minded, ill-informed and basically ignorant as some of the right-wing ‘groups’ that abound in the West, who I still dislike by the way.
    Many of the events you mentioned I feel ill-qualified to speak on as either I know nothing of them, or details are sparse (in my head), so ‘no comment’ there.
    I thus find myself strangely open minded about the presidential election result, best way to describe my feelings (think of someone speaking in the British villain voice as beloved by Hollywood-though it’s not my true accent, but it travels better)
    “OK mate. You wanted it. You got it. Let’s see what you do with it, then”
    It is time we all agreed to work together, agree to differ and journey towards the common good. If you’re for Compassion, Respect and Tolerance, I’m with you (to clarify I expect that from everyone- you really don’t want to hear my views on punishment of serious crime- well my wife says I can’t tell folk as it might unsettle them)
    All the best

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