So it seems like the DNC has learned ABSOLUTELY NOTHING…

One of the frontrunners for the DNC chair made some pretty egregious statements during the candidates forums:

And the checklist…

#BlackLivesMatter shout out… pretty much immediately.
Divisive rhetoric regarding prejudice… Check.
Racist attacks on white people… Check.
Entire argument based around race without substance… Check.
Self-hating statement… Check

No apology… just doubling down… Check…


Piss off your constituents… Check…
Well everyone… you’d better pray that she doesn’t get the job. If she does, it’s just one more brick in the path to a second term, and the path is already pretty long…


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3 Comments on “You Want More Trump?

  1. This is perhaps the most out-of-touch speech I have ever heard. Why DNC leadership believes that the way to make a difference in the world is to shame the electorate is beyond me. It boggles the mind.


    • I honestly was perplexed by everyone who, for years before the election, even after Democrats lost the Senate, that the Republicans needed to change their image or they’d never win another election because the party was a mess.
      Well… yes, the Republicans are divided between the populists and the establishment… but look at the democrats: The party is in shambles. They thought running on identity politics would earn them points… it didn’t, and several democrats, mostly Bernie supporters ironically, saw that. Now their arguments and positions are nothing more than guilt, shame, division, and hate. That’s all I hear out of them and sadly, I see it pushing many MANY people to the right.
      Seriously I’m being made to be the voice of reason here and anyone who knows me, knows that I am far from a good fit for that!

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  2. I saw this and…yeah, they have learned nothing. Things like this and the general conduct of your average celebrity is definitely working against them. If they don’t calm down, they are definitely buying themselves 8 rather than 4 years.


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