With the release of the new Final Fantasy 7 remastered coming down the pipe, I thought it’d be fun to talk about something that drove gamers INSANE for years… resurrecting Aeris after we all went through the heart-wrenching loss of her character in the City of the Ancients.

Disclaimer, I played the original playstation version that named her Aeris. I’m well aware of the controversy surrounding her name, but that is what I will be calling her. 

Yeah for weeks if not months after we played through the game, Lycos, Altavista, and Yahoo were awash in articles with wild theories, trolls, and people who seriously claimed to have been successful.

While obviously BS, I thought it’d be funny to run through a few. So let’s take a look…

  1. After defeating all of the weapons, go see the Kalm traveler, he will leave Kalm and head for Midgar. Go see the sick man in the pipe in Midgar. He will suddenly be talking again and will restore Aeris to you.

    Obviously this one assumes that most people don’t bother defeating all of the weapons. I on the other hand did so and I knew this was bogus because by the time this comes up, the man in the pipe is no longer there. 

  2. After acquiring the Underwater Material, take it to the City of the Ancients and go to the house where Aeris was killed. The Material will react to the fish and allow you to open the portal back to the temple and allow you to recover the White Material and restore Aeris.

    This one had the author openly admit that he wasn’t certain it would work, but he had convinced himself that it would because he couldn’t believe that the only use for the Underwater Materia was in facing down Emerald Weapon. 

  3. Make sure that Vincent is with you every time you meet with Hojo AND Sephiroth. Have him listen to Hojo’s confessions. In the end, Vincent will reveal the truth to Sephiroth who will then restore Aeris to you right before he dies at the end.

    This one actually exposes a bit of a plot hole in Final Fantasy 7. Vincent knew the truth about Sephiroth. So why didn’t he speak up in the scenes where he was present? Sephiroth goes on and on about being Jenova’s child… He could have revealed the truth. It might not have done any good, but it might have. In any case, again obviously bogus. 

  4. Use codes from a hack.

    That’s cheating and it breaks the game.

  5. After acquiring the Underwater materia, go to the church where Aeris’ ghost resides. Then go to the lake where you left her body… retrieve her body and move on to the Kalm traveler. In exchange for 9000 gil, he’ll give you a special materia to heal her with. Go to Midel after the eruption and this will trigger a cut where Aeris is resurrected.

    This one… I admit I actually tried. It seemed the most reasonable… but it didn’t work. What drove me crazy is that Aeris’s ghost is actually in the church in Midgar, which gave this one some credence. 

Anyway, let me know if you heard any other insane theories that you thought would work or heard would. How insane were they?



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2 Comments on “Final Fantasy 7 Resurrect Aeris/Aerith Rumors

  1. This one doesn’t involve reviving her but there were people who also said that you could “prevent” her death too.

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