So I finally got to see Star Wars The Last Jedi and when the movie ended, my wife asked me what I thought. My response was a simple, but unexpected three words…

I don’t know…

I’d seen some reviews going in, and heard opinions on both sides of the spectrum. So I went in with a cautious optimism. I knew Luke was going to finally reveal all. I knew we’d finally figure out who Snoke was, I knew we’d finally decode everything as to what was to become of the Jedi. This was going to be it, we’d finally get everything come together. So let’s break it down. Again I’m going to warn you all that there are spoilers ahead. So if you haven’t seen the movie yet, you’ve been warned. I am not responsible if you keep going.

So the Resistance… or rebellion… is on the run. This is weird, they refer to it as both. They’ve abandoned their base and are now being chased by a large First Order Fleet… and that’s pretty much where they are the entire movie. The resistance is on a Raddus class Mon Calamari Star Cruiser throughout most of the movie, running from an enemy fleet.

Rey goes off to train with Luke. She hands him the lightsaber and waits for him to speak his first sage words and… he throws the lightsaber over his shoulder and walks away. Okay…

So apparently her and Ben Solo have some kind of odd force bond. They speak throughout the movie, each trying to coax the other to their side. During this time, Luke reveals how his new Jedi Order fell… and how it was actually Luke’s fault. When he sensed what Ben was becoming, he had a momentary inkling to kill him. Ben woke up and saw his master looking down at him with a lightsaber… and at that moment, Luke realized that he’d failed.

Rey fights Luke until he admits it and then she leaves to go see Ben while Luke has a conversation with Yoda’s ghost about what Rey needs to learn.

Meanwhile, Fin takes off with a new love interest from the resistance cruiser and goes to a casino world to help find a data hacker that can help them get away from the first order. They’re told to find a gambler who was also a master hacker (*gasp* LANDO!?!?!?). Nope… they find Benicio Del Toro who helps them escape, helps them get on the First Order Flagship where Benicio betrays them, get’s paid for it, and leaves… okay… expected more out of him, but whatever.

So all the while, General Organa (Leia) has been injured on the Cruiser and one of her subordinates, Admiral Holdo, played by Laura Dern takes over. (Ellie from Jurassic Park if you don’t know who that is.) She’s actually a pretty good character, one I really liked and would liked to have seen more from… however she orders everyone off the cruiser in transports and tries to draw off the first order while they make their way to an old rebel base.

Rey shows up on the flagship where she confronts Supreme Leader Snoke. He pretty much tortures her and then invites Ben to kill her. He instead turns on Snoke and murders him… so we still have no idea who he is, but he’s dead so who cares. Ben then reveals that Rey’s parents are nobodies. Yeah, so all those theories you all had about who her parents were? They’re all wrong. She’s an insignificant nobody from a backwater world. Ben offers her to join with him and help him take over the Galaxy, but of course she refuses.

The First Order begins attacking the transports, at which point the Admiral turns her cruiser towards the First Order Fleet and engages her lightspeed drive, taking out the entire fleet. The remaining band of rebels land on the planet and take up refuge in the base, while the first order lands their remaining ships and are now referring to Ben as the Supreme Leader.

A fight reminiscent of Hoth ensues, the Rebels fly these old speeders and attempt to take on the First Order Walkers… and they get slaughtered. Luke then shows up on the scene and steps in front of the walkers to challenge Ben. The two have a… surprisingly bad ass fight, at which point its revealed that Luke isn’t really there. He’s still at the temple, but weakened and appears to be injured. He slowly disappears, becoming one with the force.

Ben leaves with the First Order, Rey reveals more Jedi powers, and the few surviving members of the resistance board the Millenium Falcon and head off into space.

So… the movie ends and…

We still have no clue who Snoke was.

Rey is revealed to be nobody.

The First Order is in Shambles.

The New Republic is apparently all but quashed.

The Resistance is no better.

Luke is dead.

Rey is a fledgling Jedi with no lightsaber as it was destroyed in the fight with Ben.

So what did I think?

Honestly… I don’t know, as I said above. The movie started off seemingly not taking itself very seriously at all. Way too many jokes and funny moments to the point where it was almost a comedy. Then it picked up and got serious. The fights were great and much of the story worked. That being said… I felt like it didn’t explain a lot of what it should have and… honestly we didn’t really see a lot happen. The Resistance spent most of the movie on a large cruiser slowly running away as it was getting pummeled by turbo lasers.

The parts with the Jedi were great, though I didn’t expect all of that backstory about Luke, nor his reactions. I am glad I saw it and do think it was a great movie, but… I don’t really know how to feel about it. I didn’t hate it, but I don’t know if I loved it either. I definitely give them credit for trying something new, but outside of losing Luke and Snoke, I don’t feel like anything was really accomplished.

Do I recommend seeing it? Hell yes. It’s definitely worth it. Just be prepared to leave the theater scratching your head.


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5 Comments on “Star Wars The Last Jedi Review **SPOILERS**

  1. Seeing as how I am not a Star Wars fan in the same religious bent as some, I didn’t go in with any expectations. I simply wanted to be entertained, and I was.

    But I can understand your end note as per the head scratching. Because I’m not a scrub about his either. 🙂

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  2. Thanks for a detailed and incisive review.
    Makes you wonder if a strategy of back story films going way back to the Old, Old Republic might have been the better option.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Interesting. Thanks to the initial premise there are so many options.
        Because of sight issues I don’t go to cinemas, but my dear wife has gifted me ‘Rogue’ which I’m saving up to watch post-holiday.

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