[Spoilers Ahead, Ye Be Warned]

So the 45 minute series finale is over. We’ve seen where everyone ended up and how events unfolded. The Rebels successfully freed Lothal. The only fates that are not known are Admiral Thrawn, Ezra Bridger, and Sabine Wren.

So now that the rest of the Ghosts are off doing there own thing, what happens to Ezra and Sabine? Is Thrawn still out there wreaking havoc? What’s next for the Ghosts?

Really, this finale wrapped things up, but left so many strings open.

Lothal gets saved by the rebels, who then get help from the… Space Whales? I don’t know, I don’t remember their names.

So Hera was pregnant all along and we didn’t know. Fair enough.

Agent Callous was forgiven his crimes and happy to see that he didn’t wipe out Zeb’s people and was accepted by them.

The Ghosts fought at the Battle of Endor. Awesome! Wish we could have seen that from their perspective!

So what’s left? Well… Ezra and Thrawn went into hyperspace and we never saw them die. Sabine believes he’s still alive and at the end, Ahsoka shows up in… what looks like some kind of Monk’s outfit, and takes Sabine to find Ezra.

That’s where the show ends…

What the hell??? Any thoughts on what’s next??


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5 Comments on “Star Wars Rebels, is that it???

  1. I’m still not 100% on the whole world between worlds thing but I’m sure glad Ahsoka is back. I think a comic with her and Sabine exploring the outer rim searching for Ezra could be cool. Or maybe an animated series, who knows.


  2. This was a setup for a new series. Disney confirmed Ezra and Thrawn are alive.

    Star Wars doesn’t work well as a kids TV show, too man restraints. Put it on a streaming site and give it room to breath. Random thought, I wonder how many times the cast disguised themselves as Strormtroopers? I guessing 47 times at least.

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