I am super excited about this one. Being a huge fan of Tolkien, owner of two first edition novels of his, and avid fan of the movies… this is huge for me!

The new novel is titled The Fall of Gondolin. It looks like Tolkien’s son Christopher Tolkien is trying to get everything out as fast as he can… given that he’s getting up there, I can understand that. The book will be illustrated by The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings artist Alan Lee. I am familiar with, and love his work.

From what research there is available on this book, per  the author of Tolkien and the Great War, John Garth, Tolkien initially wrote The Fall of Gondolin while attempting to recover after the Battle of the Somme during the First World War. It is, however, not going to necessarily be recognizable to fans of the Hobbit or Lord of the Rings. According to an article in the Guardian, this story is set roughly six thousand years prior to the events of those two novels.

So to my fellow Tolkien followers, get ready!


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Thanks friends!

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10 Comments on “Heads Up, New J.R.R. TOLKIEN NOVEL!

  1. I read the first Lord of the Rings book and it was AWESOME! I loved it. 🙂


  2. Awesome! I know some aren’t a fan of Christopher’s efforts to bring out writing that Tokien didn’t approve for publication himself, but I’m just so happy to go deeper and deeper into Middle Earth and I’m looking forward to this!


  3. Some of us are great fans of the stories from the First Age. The Fall of Gondolin is one of the important stories of that time along with The Children of Hurin, Beren and Luthien, and the Voyage of Earendil (which it is doubtful there will ever be a book of). All these stories are in The Silmarillion. There is a longer account of The Fall of Gondolin in The Book of Lost Tales 2 (which sadly got reduced to a paragraph in The Silmarillion). My guess is that it is this account which will be the primary source material for the new book.

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    • Yeah I’m familiar with that. The Silmarilion is a crown piece of my collection. I always thought Tolkien skimped a little bit on those stories in it though.

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