This review was a year in the making. As everyone knows, the Funko Skyrim figures have been… limited. No, I’m serious, there are two. The Dragonborn and the Daedric lord. I don’t own one of the Daedra, so I can’t speak to it. (give me a break, they’re like $150 – $300 on eBay)  However, I do feel like the Dragonborn figure is fairly detailed, but somewhat cheaply made… and I don’t care for the choice of outfit. I get that it’s the cover image, but still.

That’s it. Those are the only figures. There’s no Serana, no dragons, no Jarl Ulfrich, no Whiterun Guards, nothing. I know a few statues have made their way onto the market, but those are not the same as action figures, and again… it’s always the Dragonborn.


I wanted a Serana figure pretty badly because she’s one of my favorite companions in Skyrim. She’s tough, uses various magic and necromancy, her AI is significantly improved, she’s a vampire, and her backstory is pretty awesome. Plus her interactions with the Dragonborn come off as genuine and very well-written… and she’s voiced by my all-time favorite voice actress; Laura Bailey.

Yes, THAT Laura Bailey:
If you’ve never encountered her work, then you have no business considering yourself a geek/nerd! Her roles include the following:

Lucina – Fire Emblem Awakening/Super Smash Brothers
Jaina Proudmore – WoW
Rayne – Bloodrayne
Bianca – Dragon Age 3
As well as a library of Anime and Comic titles!

So chances are you’ve encountered her work at some point. Needless to say, I’m a pretty big fan.

However, that’s a different topic for a different time. So two problems I had… there are some sites out there that do actually make custom statues of her and sell them on Etsy… but I look at them and… they just look low quality to me. I was also not a huge fan of Serana’s generic appearance. It was fine for what it was, but like all the other characters, it came off as very generic. So wanted to make some changes. Fortunately, Nexusmods has several to choose from… several…


Just to showcase a few. So I went through a bunch but didn’t really find one I loved… I did some tweeting to her on my own and came across a mod known as Serana BVFE.


I downloaded it and tested it against Laura’s voice… it matched up pretty well! So after all that tweaking, I finally had my modded Serana to match the rest of my… rather absurdly modded Skyrim…


So now the chances of me getting any sort of collectible that matched what was in my game were Zero from the market. I had to find other means. This time around, it wasn’t difficult. Remember my previous review of my Aranya figure?


John Harmon from Mint Condition Customs is an artist when it comes to these types of things. I commissioned him to create a figure for me of Serana BVFE.  The results were… stunning to say the least…

I don’t use the term ‘artist’ loosely, but needless to say, I was super pleased with the figure I received. No detail had been spared in making her.

I was sent pictures of the parts he used in creating her, molding the custom parts, and fitting everything together. As always, I’m skeptical at first, but as time went on, I began to see it more and more.

In terms of her articulation, she is somewhat limited because the cloth skirt attached to her legs is somewhat delicate, but she can still take on some rather threatening stances…


Now it just falls to me to make a case for her. I’m already working on that, using the box from my Funko Dragonborn figure… I gave him to my kids so God knows what’s become of him.

Her paint is terrific, her articulation is pretty good and all in all, I’m very happy. If anyone does see this and get inspired to commission one, be wary of a few things;

  1. They are not cheap. Who said being a geek wasn’t costly, right? It’s not unreasonable, given what geeks typically spend on collectibles, but it may not be for the average figure efficianato.
  2. These are technically not toys. While they can withstand some abuse, the paint job can and does rub a little, so it’s something to be aware of.
  3. Creation takes time. John gets many requests and while he’s prompt to respond and begin work, expect a turnaround of 6mo – 1year + for completion.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed this little… gush fest from me! Thanks!


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One Comment on “Action Figure Review, Modded Serana. Skyrim Figure

  1. First I say that it’s a nice review.

    I play this on my pc and yeah I play the mod version of Dead Space 3 game. For the mod, I use the Lucky Patcher Original application on my pc with the BlueStacks software.

    But why I mod this game?

    – Cause I need more life and more extra bullet for my guns. And it all is free, because of the lucky patcher helps me a lot…


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