Okay, first of all, I’m usually a fan of Midnight’s Edge. They seem to have a strong finger on the pulse of not only the fans, but also the movie/tv productions as well. I will admit that they often take a rather pessimistic stance. I do enjoy their round tables especially, but in this case… I really feel the need to speak on this, given my own views on Star Wars and the trailers.

First of all, full disclosure… I love Star Wars. I will defend it day and night. So with that, I want to go back and rehash a few things I have previously…

  1. The prequels were not bad movies. They had their problems, I’ll admit, but keep in mind, they opened the door to the rest of the galaxy, which we had never seen. In the original trilogy, all we ever saw were large military vessels and far-off outposts. We saw junked ships being forced back into service and the scum and villainy of the galaxy. However, we never actually saw what they were fighting for. We never saw civilization, we never saw what the galaxy was like, and we never really understood how the Empire took control in the first place. The prequels answered that for us. On top of that, they were beautiful-looking movies.
    That doesn’t mean everything was good. Jar Jar was terrible, and yes the acting from the kids was hokey, let’s also not forget that George Lucas… isn’t the director he once was.
    I liked Episode 1, I found Episode 2 to be boring, Episode 3 however… I would put that with the original trilogy. It was dark, it was gritty, and I loved it. The movie delved a lot more into the Sith, it really worked through the mythos of the dark side, and it worked very well.
  2. The original trilogy is not perfect. This is especially true about a New Hope. The dated 70s acting takes you out of it a bit, the plot has holes, and it has some problems around what the original movie was meant to be vs. what it became. Originally, this was a rather expensive Flash Gordon rehash that was rewritten by Lucas’s wife, among others. In some places, that still shows. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an amazing movie, but let’s not pretend it’s some pillar of perfection. It’s flawed, but what’s good about it far outweighs what’s not. Thankfully a lot of this was fixed come Empire, though Return of the Jedi went back ever so slightly, but as a series, these were solid movies.
  3. Anyone who’s saying that The Last Jedi killed Star Wars for them… HAS NOT BEEN PAYING ATTENTION! As far as I’m concerned, Disney has made one bad movie so far and that’s it.  Lucas did far worse. Don’t agree? Go watch the Holiday Special and then watch the Ewok Adventures, see why you’re wrong, then come back and talk to me. Disney made one bad movie, Lucas made four and a bad TV series (again, Ewoks). Yet I don’t recall people running this fast from Star Wars back then. Solo, despite being a box office disappointment, was good for what it was. I loved Rogue One, and despite being somewhat of a rehash, I really loved The Force Awakens. It felt like Star Wars again. Not to mention the Rebels series which was awesome itself and opened up a whole new world of possibilities.
  4. Which brings me to my final point, the criticisms of the Force Awakens, Solo, and Rogue One were unfounded. The Force Awakens felt like Star Wars. It was a slight retelling, but there was enough really good in the movie that kept me coming back for more. It was just different enough for me to want more.
    Rogue One showed a new side to the rebellion. It showed it’s leadership and organization in greater detail, and it had arguably the best space battle since Return of the Jedi. I was on the edge of my seat and loved every moment of it.
    Solo’s failure was a rebellion by the fan base. Everyone who eventually saw it said that it was a good movie, despite being something that people didn’t really ask for or want. It was actually good for what it was.

Okay, with that out of the way, I understand the hatred of The Last Jedi. This whole trend of attempting to subvert expectations has proven disastrous almost every time it’s been used. I understand not catering to the fans, but intentionally attempting to go in the other direction is arguably worse.

TLJ get’s worse every time I see it. They assassinated Poe’s character, Luke has been killed off in more ways than one, and honestly… it feels like very little was accomplished. I had close to no reaction to the movie after seeing it in the theater. In fact, when my wife asked me what I thought, my answer was simply, ‘I don’t know.’

Even leaving Episode 2, I said I really liked it, and at the time, I meant it. Looking back now, it was the weakest of the prequels, but still not that bad. I really wanted to like the Last Jedi, I thought we were really going to dig into the Jedi mythos and finally get into some of the stuff that the Expanded Universe has fleshed out. What we got instead was a prolonged chase movie and too much that simply either didn’t make sense or made me not like that movie.

However, for people to say that this killed Star Wars? I’m sorry, no. The magic is not gone. The original trilogy, the Clone Wars cartoons, Rebels, et al, they’re still around. They’re fine, they’re okay, they’re safe to watch! If they weren’t ruined by the Holiday Special which is worse than The Last Jedi, they aren’t ruined now.

So what about this new footage? Did it do anything for me? Actually, yes. I’m concerned about the Action figure controversy surrounding the poster… that is a bit off, but the actual footage was amazing! The fight on the Death Star fragments? The old school ships? Emperor freaken Palpatine!? Sign me up. Don’t get me wrong, I’m cautiously optimistic, but I do have hopes for this movie. This could be make or break for the series… and given that my opinion of The Force Awakens is positive… I’m actually looking forward to see more of JJ’s work here.

Let’s stay positive people, Star Wars is not dead, it has not been damaged, let’s just see where this goes!

But let’s open this up. Readers, what do you think? Am I right on, way off? Do you agree with Midnight’s Edge? Let me know in the comments and we’ll keep the conversation going!



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2 Comments on “A Reaction to Midnight’s Edge Star Wars Video #MidnightsEdge #StarWars #D23 #Opinion

  1. Haven’t see the Midnight’s Edge one yet…

    The original Star Wars trilogy wasn’t written by Lucas at all. It was bought from some poor unknown schmuck and monetized by Lucas. It was called “The Adventures of Luke Skywalker” and the original releases of the Star Wars paperback in the 70s had “based on The Adventures of Luke Skywalker” right on the cover. The original trilogy’s concepts surrounding the Force are very Buddhist-like. Lucas had no clue and had to reduce the Force to a virus. The only thing that saved him turning Anakin in a fallen Jesus with his immaculate conception was the excellent writing of the book “Darth Pelagius”. That’s also why all the other examples you gave regarding Lucas’s Star Wars work sucking were accurate. Alan Dean Foster confirmed all of this to a friend who lived near him also

    Yes, getting a look at the greater galaxy in the prequel trilogy was nice. The trilogy would have been a good bit better if there hadn’t been so much political commentary disguised as plot also. I go to see something like a Star Wars movie to be entertained, not lectured.

    I will agree with you on Rogue One. That was an excellent movie. I guess even Disney can get one right, LOL. The rest of the new movis though? There’s no difference between good and evil / the light side and dark? We even have Yoda say so. Gee, so he was just blowing smoke up Luke’s rear in Empire Strikes Back? Han is reduced from his original backstory of a noble imperial officer who gave up everything to free Chewie and other slaves down to a bum who abandons Leia and his son. Lando goes from suave lady’s man do a weirdo with a fetish for droids? Billy Dee Williams must be loving that. We get lectured in Last Jedi that heroism is bad because it costs the rebellion too much? Gee, I guess they should have just ran from the Death Star and let it kill world after world.

    So much of the new movies are Disney’s promoting a morally relativistic world where everyone is sheep. Social engineering at it’s worst. Reducing Luke to a would be cold blooded murderer is just another example of tearing down heroes so people have nothing to look up to. And Rey? I couldn’t have written a more Mary Sue character when i was in 5th grade! Luke was bad there but he never took on a SIth Lord with NO training and won. She beat a guy who was able to sneak attack and kill Snoke, who was supposedly more powerful than Palpatine too.

    The redesign and ‘upgrade’ of the Falcon in Solo was ugly also, and just designed to make Han look all the more like a goon who couldn’t maintain a ship. Whatever that was… It wasn’t a Corelia Ship Yards YT-1300.

    Let’s not forgot that The Force Awakens was such a thinly veiled remake of A New Hope that it isn’t even funny.

    95% of the books that are out there and Disney wiped away as canon to avoid paying royalties for movie rights are 1000% better than what Disney has or ever will do with the Franchise. They know they stink, and that’s why they ganked the “Vader” videos away from the guy on YouTube. He was turning out better content in a home studio, and they bankrupted him for it.

    Love your blog, love Star Wars too, but I strongly disgree with you on where it’s gone.

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    • Oh I don’t think the direction of the last Jedi is the way we want it to be going at all and I absolutely agree that the books are infinitely better than the most recent movies. I was hoping for more of the EU to make appearances, but at least we got a version of the outrider and Thrawn in Rebels.
      However, I do like that they’re continuing the Clone Wars series and Ahsoka’s story is still ongoing.
      I wouldn’t say the Force Awakens was thinly veiled. I looked at it like an old friend that went away for a while, took a bit of a beating and just had to show everyone that he was okay before going on to do bigger and better things… and then Rian Johnson ruined it.
      Honestly, TFA gave me the same feels that I had with the original trilogy. It felt like it fit.
      The redesign was the major issue I had with Solo… that and Han’s casting, but that was it. I really did enjoy the movie.

      In any case, we’ll have to agree to disagree on some of it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts though. Always good to get a bunch of different perspectives!


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