This figure is a custom design done by Eric LeFeber of Insidious Customs and has been featured on several websites, including StarWarsCustom.net.

I saw it on Ebay a few weeks ago and instantly fell in love with it. Hasbro and other companies have yet to release a 6in figure of her and the selection of figures available for this character are… well… let’s just say there’s not much to choose from. The 3.75 inch figures either have weird faces, bulk body sculpts (huge shoulders), or the hair is insane. For such a beloved character out of the now-Legends series, you’d think there would have been better options made. There is a large anime statue of her that isn’t terrible, but it’s super expensive and the art is from a form of Japanimation. If you’re not into anime, this isn’t for you. So that one caters to a specific audience.


So Mara Jade has unfortunately been all but forgotten in the action figure world… or so we thought. Then this little magnificent piece shows up…

So let’s take a look at it!


She comes with a purple lightsaber, a removable gray cape, and a blaster. Her belt is not removable, but the goggles are.

I absolutely love the design of the figure. The creator got her almost perfect, down to the little details. Her eyes are green and her hair is the correct color. The paint quality is top notch and feels very durable. This has been a problem I’ve had with other customs where the paint can and often does rub off when you’re trying to put the figure into a new pose.

Her belt and lightsaber appear to be taken from the Jaina Solo black series figure and repainted. It’s a nice touch as they both resemble the what we see Mara Jade with in the mediums she actually appears.

One thing I will note is that it seems people can’t decide if the color of her outfit is blue or black. The creator went with black and that’s fine by me as some of the action figures did as well. This figure appears to be from the Emperor’s Hand time period, so that makes sense.

It can do several poses and the body looks like it’s the female Marvel Legends mold (I think), thus it is quite versatile. However, here’s where we run into our first problem. One leg appears to be a few millimeters longer than the other leg. As such, the figure cannot stand straight up on both feet without bending one foot slightly. She looks better in a ‘ready’ stance because of this.

Another issue is that the belt doesn’t quite fit her properly. I think I might try heating it to see if I can get a better mold to the figure from it, but I have not decided yet. It’s a minor quip, but one I thought I should bring up.

My last and final issue with the figure is gun.


It actually looks like the gun she uses, so credit where credit is due… however, the gun seems a little big for her and not really to scale. (look at it in comparison with the one in the photo. Arguably it’s not super huge, but it is noticeable. It also goes to my only MAJOR complaint with the figure; the gun does NOT fit into the holster. Not even close. There is no way to jam it in there. As a result, there is no way to get it to fit, and because the character can only grip one accessory (the other hand is open), you can’t have both on her at the same time.

My rating… 3.5/5

This is a tough one, because while the figure has some problems, but I really do love it. The creator clearly put a lot of time in choosing the correct parts and sculpts so that it actually looks like Mara down to perfection. The problems with the figure are mostly minor and even the most critical of collector can live with.

If you’re interested in this one, I’d encourage everyone to keep an eye on Eric’s blog and his ebay listing. He posts some really great stuff there!


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1 Comment on “Action Figure Review, Star Wars CUSTOM Black Series Mara Jade

  1. Good review. Mara Jade Skywalker is one of my favorite characters. Disney cutting her out of canon is one of my biggest gripes with them.


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