29104373_1779853485411187_4871114610180096000_oSo to be honest, writing isn’t the only thing I do. Aside from writing stories, I’m also a guitar player, IT/IS whiz (professionally speaking), father of three, trivia jockey, amateur historian, and artist.

(You should see my resume!)

I tell a lot of writers not to work on their stories when they’re stressed out or agitated. Usually the result isn’t all that great. So with that in mind, I wanted to showcase what I do when I’m too stressed out or agitated to write in the hopes of giving people some inspiration for finding their own coping mechanisms.

The first piece, featured above, is a comparison from the first piece I did that I was never really happy with and the remake below which I did with higher quality markers… and when I say higher quality, I mean the difference between $20 per pack to $90 per pack (and that was on clearance!!!)

At the request of my kids… and for all your bronies out there… Ghost Pony Rider.
“And remember kids, some mother buckers are always trying to ice skate up hill!”

Expect more images to follow!!


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Catch you on the flip side!


1 Comment on “From my Sketchbook #Art #Animation #Anime #Doodling

  1. Interesting how the different arts make you feel. Writing relaxes me … no stress ( unless at the revision stage); painting in acrylics is stressful, leaves me full of energy ( something to do with arm movements); painting in watercolours centres me, makes me feel part of a bigger plan.


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