So I’ve recently picked up a new book that I just stumbled on at a comic auction for $8… and it was money well spent, but I’ll get into that.

The book title is White Widow.

The plot from the kick starter:


Gabrielle Garcia was a typical American girl going to college to follow in her father’s footsteps – or so she thought. One night, her father barged into her dorm room, suffering from a fatal gunshot, and injected her with… something.  That was the moment she became the White Widow. 

White Widow is a new ongoing comic set in the new “Absolute Comics” Universe.  It is created by Jamie Tyndall with Benny Powell.  This is the first issue featuring a hero unlike any other.


This is a book that, sadly, I missed the boat on in terms of the kickstarter. Now I’m playing catch up, and thankfully I don’t have far to go. Currently, there are only about three issues in print. I know that’s hard to believe since there seems to be like 30 different covers for each book on Ebay, but in terms of the internals, that’s all there is.


I admit that when I bought the book, I had no idea what it was about. As so often happens for me with comics (see my Lady Mechanika review), I was enticed by the artwork. On both the inside and outside, the books are absolutely dazzling and I can see why so much time and effort is being put into these, and why they’re so popular. Many comic collectors go for the art over any actual story, and IMHO there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I had about six Lady Mech books before I actually read them!

In this case, however, I did start reading sooner. So what are my initial impressions?

When I first looked at the books, my first thought was something of an indie Spider-man emulation and honestly, that’s not too far from the truth. I know that’ll piss some people off, and it’s not meant to. That’s just my initial impression and I welcome being proven wrong. However, the story surrounding the costume she wears that providers her with super-natural powers, strikes me as something similar to the black costume saga with Spider-man.

Spoiler Warning!

The story starts off with your every day college student going through the motions. Then one night, her father breaks into her room and injects her with an… unusual serum.  I won’t go too much into detail, but he is then killed by a group called… The Group. So basically she now has to figure out what her suit is, what it does, and how to go about using it to aid her in infiltrating The Group, in order to uncover what’s happened to her family.

And… that’s about as far as I’ve gotten so far. So, is a book I’m accusing of being somewhat of a ripoff (I don’t mean to, honestly!!!) any good? Honestly, yes! The characters are unique and relatable, the artwork is superb, and I found myself getting completely engrossed in the story! I’m only a few books in, but I highly recommend giving it a shot!


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