“It’s in your nature to destroy yourselves.”
-T-800, Terminator 2

So I recently rewatched a few of the Terminator movies and the Sarah Connor Chronicles and I have reached one inescapable conclusion…

Terminator 3 got it right… At the end of the movie, John Connor comes to the conclusion that it wasn’t humanity’s job to prevent judgement day, just simply to survive it so that they could fight later on.

This is a conclusion that I have come to as well. Skynet is essentially a digital hydra. You cut off one head, and another one grows in to replace it. First Cyberdyne Systems, then the Dept. of Defense, then the Turk, and finally the global OS Genisys.

Regardless of which one they kill, another one pops up to take its place. All they can do it seems, is postpone judgement day… which if you watch the 3rd Terminator, you can see that… perhaps simply not stopping judgement day and just getting the fight over after the fact may have been the better choice.

Now, let’s say that Sarah and Reese at the end of Genisys become vigilantes, going around destroying anything that could potentially become skynet… they still have two problems;

  1. If they succeed, they’ll have altered history and not be able to properly figure out which machine is next in line to try and take over?
  2. Human life is finite. What happens after they pass on? Eventually Judgement Day in the Terminator Universe is going to happen. It appears to be an inevitability.

So my question then is, why do they keep trying? I understand that we’re talking about billions of lives, but if you’re fighting a battle that you can’t possibly win, it might be more worthwhile to prepare humanity for it. Get people ready for the nuclear fallout and head to shelters so that once judgement day happens, they’ll not only still be alive, but ready to fight Skynet when it comes.

These are just my quick thoughts, but I thought I’d open it up for conversation. Let me know what you think.


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