So I recently got my hands on a pair of action figures that I was really excited to get.

The first one was the Toys R Us limited Edition Black Series Rey. I wasn’t planning on purchasing this one as I got the standard version of this figure… but when Toys R Us going out of business, I got it for $8. and honestly, I would have paid the full $25-$40 for it.


The other was the DC Multiverse Bernside Batgirl.


All right. So let’s start with Rey:

I bought the original with plastic robes and honestly… it was okay, the painting and detail was fine. However the face… one looks a little too chubby, two looks like she hasn’t slept in days.


Like I said, it’s a decent figure. The detailing is great, the accessories are great, and the articulation is pretty good… the plastic makes it hard to do certain poses, but for what it is, it’s okay.

The Toys R Us limited edition on the other hand… They went with cloth for both the robes and the skirt. Not only does this look better, but it helps a lot with the articulation. So what about the face?

It has a more enhanced paint job that is more detailed and has more flushed colors to the face. Let’s take a look side by side:


The paint detailing on the face really makes a huge difference. You can really tell that they put a lot of work into this one. You can also see that they enhanced the paint on her arm straps, and belt. Even the cut on her arm is enhanced with small dot matrix print.  Honestly, I was very happy with it, especially given the price I paid.

I highly recommend her, even if you have to pay full price.

So what about the S.H. Figuarts version?


It’s all right… I mean some of the face sculpts are better than others, but I can’t stomach the $60 price tag I keep seeing for it. There is also a Sixth Scale Figure… but… um… it’s expensive, and honestly it is impressive, but I don’t see spending that much money for it.

So in case it’s not abundantly clear, the Toys R Us exclusive Rey is the good, I would pick it up because with Toys R Us out of business, they’re going to become scarce.

So what about the bad?

Well let’s move over to the Batgirl…


I admit that I’d been waiting for a figure to come out of her. I love the new costume and couldn’t wait.

The figure… well… My heart sank when I got it. I should have been more prepared. DC and Marvel figures, by in large, have been very cheaply made. Either the heads were too big, the joints didn’t work, or the paint was wonky.

This figure… it just looked cheap. The plastic feels cheap, the joints aren’t very tight, and the two accessories are… well unimpressive. She comes with a bat boomerang and a cell phone, to perform the mirror selfie scene from her first appearance.

The only thing I like about this figure is the face. The face looks like the comics. The head sculpt was dead on. It seems to be that either I get a good head sculpt or good body. So while the head and face get high marks… the rest of her, however… not so much.


For starters, her arms do not bend very far. They don’t even make 90*. The waste can twist, but not without breaking the mold. The legs are not ball jointed… so you know that selfie pose she does in the comic? Can’t post her that way.

The paint around the belt is cheap and actually flows onto the outfit… and worst of all… absolutely the worst part… is that abdomen joint. That almost completely ruins the figure for me. Unlike the others, you can’t make this separation go away. It was molded in a way that makes it stand out. Honestly, it just looks terrible.

I’m not against the idea of having a joint there. The Jaina Solo figure, one of my all time favorites, has a very similar one. However it’s far more well hidden:


Take a very close look at her. It’s very hard to see. This is how you do it right.

So in the end, I recommend the Rey figure, but would urge everyone to pass on the Batgirl one.


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