So… I just watched Wandavision… and I was going to review it for everyone, but…
Nope, I can’t decide on a response… so… here are my top ten responses:
10. “WTF did I just watch?”
9. “Was any of this in the comics?”
8. “I am so confused.”
7. “Someone liked Bewitched WAAAAY too much!”
6. “Okay, who’s trolling me? Where’s the real show?”
5. “Seriously, WTF did I just watch?”
4. “Um… okaaaaaaay… yeah… I’m going to go… do… something…”
3. “Well, Marvel, that was something… not sure what, but you definitely did it… and when you figure out what it is, let me know.”
2. “I get the feeling I was supposed to have a few drinks before putting this on.”
1. “If I wanted to watch The Dick Van Dyke show, I would have put on The Dick Van Dyke show!”


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1 Comment on “WandaVision… What the Hell??? #Marvel #Avengers #Wandavision

  1. I’ve not read the comics for this one but the preview/trailers I’ve watched for it were really confusing and not appealing. I was scratching my head like “okay, so… what is this about? A 1940s sitcom? Time traveling?” Glad to confirm my confusion with your review. Although I may give one episode a shot because why not.


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