Using a personal journal to record your thoughts and concepts on a daily basis can be a stress reliever. This a way to be in touch with yourself and the universe about what’s essential to you. Someone may say ‘That doesn’t make any sense’ or ‘How can writing down a few sentences make anyone feel […]


2 Comments on “IS WRITING THERAPEUTIC? — Peace To The Mind #Fantasy #Fiction #Advice

  1. The therapy behind writing is to release what has been stored, within ourselves. This is to say that what we write is the truth, even if creative. This is how we can recognize who wrote it. Because, even if we do not know the writer, for their name or as a person, we can at least recognize the emotions universally felt, as well.

    Is someone about to believe that their pain of loss is far greater or even “different” to another person’s same exact pain? This is what sparks division, instead of understanding.

    Then, to understand the writer, as a reader, is to know ourselves. To comprehend the vulnerabilities of the writer, in direct relation to ourselves, that is. This is why I’ve said that the therapy behind writing is to “release what has been stored”. We cannot understand a person, if we cannot read them. Just as we cannot know what the book will tell us, if we do not open it. Therefore, for a writer to “open up”, means to speak the truth, that would otherwise poison themselves if they withheld it.

    A writer, through this logic, is a closed book, before they become an open one able to write other books. Then, stories are shared, lives are compared, from reader to writer.


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