Since I’m on an action figure kick recently, I wanted to give my first impressions of an action figure I am fiercely anticipating.

Jaina Solo: Black Series.
Release Date 12/10/2017


A little history:
Hasbro, quite awesomely allowed people to vote for the next character that they wanted to see made into a figure. There were several finalists ranging from several mediums… but the majority pick was surprising. Based on what I’ve learned from some sources at Hasbro, they were taken a bit by surprise that people wanted a character from the now-Legend series, likely the only one.

To their credit, they didn’t back down. The fans said what they wanted, and Hasbro went to work… and so far the results look very promising.

I have mine pre-ordered, so I’ll post a full review when I receive her. On the surface, she seems like exactly what you’d expect from the Black Series; a fully articulated, high detailed figure with all the trimmings.

One major setback that the black series has always seemed to suffer from is the faces. I’m sorry, the Rey Jedi figure’s face seems a little too fat, Han looked okay except that he looked even older than he was… and Luke… well let’s just say that I finally have an action figure from the Big Lebowski. (I’m talkin’ bout the Dude here.)

However, in the case of Jaina, all we have on her appearance is the various descriptions in the books, the cover images… and this pretty bad ass fan-made video:

That is still one of the most badass fight scenes I’ve ever seen.

So of course Hasbro had some leeway and from what I’ve seen, she looks really good. I can definitely see Han’s less than series expression with Leia’s facial structure.

Any criticism… well… its personal preference really. I’d rather have seen her in her Jedi robes as we saw her in the Legacy Collection (which I also have).


So my initial thoughts are that it is arguably one of the best LOOKING figures in the black series thus far. The articulation looks like it may be hindered by the equipment she carries, but that’s to be expected. Her weapons and helmet look accurate to the series, and she’s one of the few figures with an off-colored lightsaber. I personally catch wait to add her to my collection .

I’d advise if she’s on your list, you preorder. I get the feeling she’ll be flying off the shelves in short order.


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