So I promised to leave a review with my thoughts on this action figure during one of my last action figure posts, and I am a man of my word.

Finally, after a year of waiting, I got an email that the figure had shipped. It arrived at my house over the weekend much to my joy. I took her out of the box… being careful not to damage the box so that she can be repackaged later for display. She looks amazing:


I’ve got a lot to say about her, so let’s dive in. I’m going to be grading on a few areas. Let’s look below…

This one should be obvious. These are high grade figures with a lot of detail. The eyes are great, the armor detailing is spot on, as is the face and various posed hands. Even the less conspicuous areas such as the under armor and areas behind the cape.

The sword (Yato) and dragon stone are also quite well done and very detailed. If I were to find one area to nitpick about, it’s her hair. Personally, I wish it would have been lighter in a few places, perhaps white highlights in a few places. However it’s a minor quip. I’m also not a huge fan of the joint in her hair.


The other area that I find a bit off is the lower legs. They are almost  slanted back further than they should, not unlike how a horse stands. I mean I get that she’s technically a Manakete, not a human, but still. Maybe I’m wrong, if so let me know in the comments:


Beyond that, she’s great. She looks exactly like the character and has clearly had a lot of work put in.

Score 4/5

As with most figma figures… these things are crazy pose-able. They can be posed any way a human can move and… arguably even more in some cases. Her cape is in two pieces on a ball joint attached to her back:


Heck, even her bare feet have joints so that she can stand on her toes:

She also has two joints on her waste, one on each knee, hip, a ball pivot on each elbow and wrist, and one I’ve never seen before on the shoulder. I will say that I try to keep the one on the shoulder pushed in, otherwise she looks robotic.

As you would expect, this makes trying to stand the figure up very difficult. It’s possible, but its hard to do. As a result, these figures come with stands to allow for all kinds of battle poses. That said, she has armor plating on her left hip that does impede her pose-ability on that side, slightly.

Score 5/5



I hesitated putting this category in because frankly, these action figures are collectibles, not toys. If you play heavily with these figures or give them to your kids, they will break, guaranteed. These are meant for display, and are definitely not made for little kids.

That being said, I will say that they do come with a few spare joints in case anything is lost or destroyed and the paint work does seem durable and resistant to scratching.

So based on the idea of LIGHT USAGE, not heavy play…

Score 4/5


I love figma figures. They’re extremely well detailed, they look like the characters in question… unlike some of the more recent Star Wars and Super Hero figures. She comes with several accessories including the Yato sword, her dragon stone, several hands that can replace the standard ones for different poses, and a clear stand to pose her on.

These figures are not for the average kid who likes figures. They are specifically designed for collectors. They are durable as they are but won’t survive heavy play. They’re not cheap, but given the quality and how beloved Fire Emblem characters are, any collector will gladly shell out the $70 for one, and I do highly recommend  it to figure collectors.


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