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Wonder Woman: A Fitting Tribute

So I just saw Wonder Woman… All right, let me start of by saying that I did not have high hopes for this movie… Hear me out! The initial reviews of this movie that I saw came from Salon and The Mary Sue… You know… these yellow journalists: Back off, men—they’re scientists: New “Ghostbusters” trailer gets slimed by sexist trolls The Ghostbusters Trailer Backlash Shows Men … Read More Wonder Woman: A Fitting Tribute


Spider Gwen… is it good?

Let me just say that I had high hopes for this series. An alternate reality where Gwen gets bitten instead of Peter Parker. Peter dies and Gwen becomes spider… woman. The premise is great, the costume if awesome and the character is pretty good too. The end result is a series that literally flies off the shelves and rarer variants showing up on Ebay … Read More Spider Gwen… is it good?