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Author’s Advice Pt. 11

Don’t be afraid to mix and merge. So you have a fairly successful series going, but now you’re experiencing writers block. You have fragments of two or three sequels written, but don’t know where to take them. You’ve even considered starting on a third, but haven’t gotten anywhere with it. You really like the first two and would love to continue one of them, … Read More Author’s Advice Pt. 11

Fire Emblem: Tharja vs. Rhajat #Writing #Author #Advice

Hello all!! I know it’s been a while and yes, Raiya is coming along nicely. I’m hoping to get back to once-a-week pieces for now and become far more prolific again once Raiya is complete. So this will be the first piece… Tharja vs. Rhajat… Let’s take a look at these two, shall we? Hey WTF!!!??? They’re just recycled characters! Same voices, same personalities, … Read More Fire Emblem: Tharja vs. Rhajat #Writing #Author #Advice


Vampires Suck!?!? #Writing #Author #Advice

First there was high fantasy… elves, dwarves, orcs, goblins, and the race of man… people saw it and were pleased. (1970s) Then came the aliens craze, starting with horror, and moving into action and urban fantasy. People saw it and were pleased… (Late 70s-1980s) Then came angels. They were sensitive, romantic, and powerful. Drama lovers saw it and were pleased. (1990s) Now… well… So … Read More Vampires Suck!?!? #Writing #Author #Advice


Why do books not always translate well to movies? #Writing #Author #Advice

It’s not always the easiest question to answer. A lot of things go into making the jump from the written word to the big screen. Sometimes it works well, sometimes it doesn’t. Some stories weren’t ever meant to be turned into movies while others seem like they were made for it. Let’s explore some of the reason why a book may not translate well: … Read More Why do books not always translate well to movies? #Writing #Author #Advice


Love Never Dies: The Musical Review. #Writing #Author #Advice

I try to stick to the positive… so if you read my blog for writing advice or new books to read, feel free to skip over this review. No one would blame you. Phantom of the Opera was without a doubt the most awesome music I’ve ever seen! It had everything, action, romance, suspense. and horror. After seeing it at the Wang Theater in Boston … Read More Love Never Dies: The Musical Review. #Writing #Author #Advice


Writing Strong Women #Fantasy #Fiction #Advice

Hi Jim, I’ve read a couple of your books and have a question for you… I’ve noticed in your books that you write some pretty tough girls! It seems like you put more effort into the heroines than the heroes. I was wondering if you were a feminist? Thanks, Kelly Ugh… you know I try to avoid taking sides or being labelled one way … Read More Writing Strong Women #Fantasy #Fiction #Advice


The Villain #Fantasy #Fiction #Advice

What is it about the villain that’s so great? Why do we like villains so much… to the point where we want to see the villain more than the hero? Well originally, villains were just supposed to be a plot device. A simple element that was used to create a plot. There was no rhyme or reason to it. The villain was just a … Read More The Villain #Fantasy #Fiction #Advice


Can fictional stories be harmful?

Unfortunately, I have to say yes… hesitantly. Fictional stories can absolutely be harmful if taken the wrong way or interpreted incorrectly. A good example would be many of the Bible stories. The Bible was a good written by man for man. I can’t speak to who wrote the old testaments or how, but the new testament, at least as far as the Gospels are … Read More Can fictional stories be harmful?


Classic Cameos #Fantasy #Fiction #Advice

“Hi Jim, I’m currently writing a story dealing with fantasy characters. I wanted to include a couple of classical fantasy characters in my story. I was wondering if you had any advice about how to go about this? I don’t want to get sued by their owners. Thanks, Jeremy J.” Hi Jeremy, Hi Jeremy, by classical, I assume you’re talking about the creative works … Read More Classic Cameos #Fantasy #Fiction #Advice


Fictional Story, Non-fictional People #Fantasy #Fiction #Advice

“Hi Jim, I’ve been reading your blog for quite a while now, and am hoping that you can offer me some advice. I am working on a piece of historical fiction and want to write in some historical characters. These characters would mostly be supporting roles, but I might make one of them a lead. The issue is that some of their family members … Read More Fictional Story, Non-fictional People #Fantasy #Fiction #Advice


Basing Characters on Loved Ones #Fantasy #Fiction #Advice

Writing characters based on loved ones is a mistake. A BIG mistake every time for a multitude of different reasons and it could not be any more clear why as with the recent Frank Cho vs. Robbi Rodriguez dispute. Allow me to explain, Robbi Rodriguez is one of the brilliant people who created the now-extremely-popular series Spider Gwen. Recently, a known comic artist, Frank … Read More Basing Characters on Loved Ones #Fantasy #Fiction #Advice

Character Loss vs. Reality #Fantasy #Fiction #Advice

This happens to everyone at some point. Either we meet the girl of our dreams… only to find out after pouring our hearts out to that person that they’re already engaged to be married! 😡 We see some treasured item that we really want, but can’t afford it, etc. The worst is when we find out that we could have had that something or … Read More Character Loss vs. Reality #Fantasy #Fiction #Advice